Is terro ant killer safe for pets? How does it kill ants around children?

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It is important to read the instructions for how to best store and apply the product around children and pets.The active ingredient in TERRO® liquid bait is borax.

The active ingredient in TERRO®liquid and granular ant baits is borax, a natural mineral found in many common household products such as hand soaps and toothpastes.

There is a low toxicity for people and animals with borax.The ants are killed when they consume the bait.The slow kill allows time for the worker ants to consume the bait and head back to the nest to share with the rest of the colony.

It’s easy to clean up spilled ant bait if it gels or becomes solidified after exposure to the air.You need to do this.

Liquid baits are a simple way to kill ants.As ants look for food, they are drawn to the sweet liquid in TERRO® Liquid Ant Baits.They return to the colony to share the bait with the other ants.

While the active ingredient in the bait will eventually kill the worker ant, it works slowly enough to allow time for the ants to make several trips to it and deliver it back to the rest of the colony.The number of ants visiting the bait should decrease within a few days.

While the ants are feeding on the bait station, it should remain undisturbed.It is important to eliminate other food in the area to make sure the ants don’t eat the liquid ant bait.

A: I placed several TERRO® liquid ant baits in my kitchen and they’re attracting more ants, not killing them!What’s going on?

This is a good sign that you have nothing to worry about.You will see more ants.As ant foragers look for food, they are attracted to the sweet liquid in the bait, which they consume and carry back to share with the rest of the colony.The ants let the other ants know where the food is by dropping a trail pheromone on their way back to the nest.These ants follow the trail to the bait, which explains why you initially see more ants.

Within 48 hours after consumption, the ants are killed by the active ingredient in the bait.The worker ants have enough time to make multiple trips to the bait and share it with the colony.Only baiting can wipe out the ants you don’t see.

The effectiveness of the active ingredient in the ant bait does not diminish over time.After an extended shelf life, the bait may become less appetizing to ants.If you’ve had the same liquid bait for more than two years, we recommend using fresh bait.

The liquid in my TERRO® ant killer seems to have hardened and is hard to pour.Is it still effective?

The ant bait’s active ingredient doesn’t diminish over time, but it will not work if the liquid has hardened.

When exposed to warm temperatures, the liquid may turn a shade of yellow or brown.The liquid bait should be easy to pour and have the consistency of pancake syrup.The ants can’t consume the bait if it becomes too thick.

I’ve been using TERRO liquid ant bait for a few days.Is it a good idea to remove the bait stations?

After signs of ant activity diminish, we recommend leaving the bait out for a few days.Relax and enjoy being ant-free if no more ants appear.

For more information on how long it will take to control an ant invasion, read our expert indoor baiting tips.

Absolutely!TERRO® outdoor liquid ants bait is specifically designed for outdoor ant control.A weather-proof station protects the ant bait from the elements and prevents it from drying out.The bait stations are ready to use so you don’t have to worry about spills or drips.It’s easy if you don’t know how to use TERRO® outside.The bait stations should be placed near ant trails or areas where ants are congregating.The bait stations should be replaced every 3 months.

The active ingredient does not diminish over time, so if the bait is in liquid form, it should be effective.Fresh bait can be placed in the morning and night for a few days.If this doesn’t make them want to eat, they may look for another food source, such as grease or sugar, or be in the breeding cycle of their colony and not interested in eating.

This is a BAIT ant control product and will attract a lot of ants.The ants consume a lot of bait and return to the nest to share it with the rest of the colony.Depending on the size of the colony, this process can take from a couple days to several weeks.Each ant that eats the bait will die within 48 hours.While the ants are feeding on the bait, it is important to leave it undisturbed.If it becomes accessible to the ants, you should replace it.If you want ants to always have a supply of food, you’ll want to keep an eye on the bait level.Colony elimination can be accomplished by placing bait near ant activity.

I have other insects in my yard, but I love your outdoor liquid ant bait.Is there a product that will get rid of more than ants?

A: We do!We recommend that you use TERRO® Multi-Purpose insect bait to fight pests outdoors.In addition to killing entire colonies of outdoor ants, the ant bait granules are also effective against other arthropods.

The delayed effect on ants is due to the borate-based bait being formulated with a concern for the environment.Entire colonies are eradicated when the ants consume the bait and bring the food back to the colony.Within a few days, there will be less ants and insects in your yard.

There are other ways to keep insects out of your home.