Is the Flint water crisis still going on?

Is the Flint water crisis still going on?

Although it's been seven years since the Flint water crisis became one of the state's biggest public health disasters, Flint's struggle with both the repercussions of the initial incident and with getting clean water have not ended. The court cases continue to unfold, and the city slowly replaces its lead lines.27 Oct 2021

What is being done to fix the Flint water crisis?

Flint Water Quality Update Flint has conducted excavations to determine service line material composition at approximately 95 percent of the residential locations. The service line replacement program is scheduled to be completed in 2022.

Does Flint Michigan still have tainted water?

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Did the Flint water crisis get resolved?

A federal judge has approved a $626m settlement for victims of the lead water crisis in Flint, Michigan, in a case brought by tens of thousands of residents affected by the contaminated water. The Flint water crisis was one of the country's worst public health crises in recent memory.11 Nov 2021