Is there a place near Montreal where you can see a bear in nature

Is there a place near Montreal where you can see a bear in nature

Actually, when discussing the concept of “near” and “far” to a Canadian you have to first put yourself in a Canadian’s shoes.From that perspective, yes, there are plenty of places “near’ Montreal where you can see a bear in nature.Just this past summer I saw a bear in nature while camping at La Mauricie National Park.

From a Canadian’s perspective, this park is quite near Montreal, only about a 2 1/2 hour’s drive.I’ve attached a picture that I took.We were just driving out of the park when we saw this fellow just off the road, having a snack in a little field.

He was about fifty yards away when we saw him.We jumped out of the car and hung around for about twenty minutes watching him.It was a wonderful sight.

It is quite rare to see a bear “near” Montreal but this national park has several and people do see then every now and then.This fellow collected quite an audience, maybe ten people, during his half-hour snack and only slowly moved off when a couple of mtorcyclists, with very loud engines, roared off after spending some time watching him.So, yes, there are places near Montreal where you can see a bear in nature.

Just don’t ever, ever, ever, keep food in your tent.Then you will see them really, really, near, and it might just be the last time you do!

No.This is a big city where nature got pushed out 150 years ago, except for raccoons and skunks.Some people claim to have seen a coyote on the West Island recently, but not sure.

Bears (especially black bears) typically hate the smell of humans, and also have some innate fear, since we tend to kill them pretty easily.They are certainly thriving in our national parks and in the deep woods, but nowhere near big cities.

They’re quite prevalent in Montreal, especially in the Latin Quarter of the city on weekend nights after 10 PM.(From GCN) The Adonis nightclub would be a good start.It’s on Blvd.

Ste-Catherine Est near Rue Papineau, not far from the Jacques Cartier Bridge.Just be ready.These bears know how to dance and are fab-u-lous!

No places that I know.I have lived in the area for many years, and I imagine you would have to really leave the area and head north for few hundred miles or Kms.

You can see black bears in the Laurentians, an hour and a half from Montreal.They raid peoples’ bird feeders.