Is there any good Asian grocery store near a metro station in Montreal

Is there any good Asian grocery store near a metro station in Montreal

The Côte des neiges area has quite a few Asian grocery stores selling Indian, Filipino and other national foodstuffs.On Victoria Avenue starting just south of Côte Ste.Catherine metro to just north of Plamondon métro there are quite a few Asian supermarkets.

None of them are huge but you might find what you’re looking for.On Van Horne near the corner of Victoria, there is Kim Hour, which is bigger than most of the others.There are also some options on Côte des Neiges boulevard though they are not that close to the metro.

Inside plaza Cote des Neiges, there is one and just outside, on the other side of the street, there is another.I’m sure you can find them on Google maps.

Well I could give you a huge list of grocery stores near metros but “Asian” isn’t specifying which countries you mean.West Asian and East Asian are entirely different cuisines but ok.I guess my favorite suggestion would be to go to Place-des-Arts metro and walk a little towards China Town.

Theres three near metro Guy-Concordia, right down on Sainte Catherine.5min walk.Otherwise the best asian market in Montréal, in my opinion, is the Hawai market.

Not close to a metro, though.

Back when I lived in Montreal, a long time ago, I used to go to the Chinatown to buy my Asian products.

I would get off at Champ-de-Mars, if I remember correctly, or maybe it was Place-d’Armes, or simply walk down Saint-Laurent street if I got off at Saint-Laurent metro station.

I don’t use the Metro but I do know a good Korean grocery on Victoria Avenue between Maisonneuve and Sherbrooke that is near the Vendôme Metro station.

Fu Tai in the Côte Des Neiges commercial center.

It’s down the street from the Côte Des Neiges metro but you need to take a bus (about 10mn).

There are a couple at the corner of Jean-Talon and St-Denis, less than a block away from the Jean-Talon metro stop.

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Is there any good Asian grocery store near a metro station in Montreal?Yes.

There is a Korean grocery store near Vendome station: Marché Oriental Jang Teu It also sells Japanese products.