Is University Of Montreals MS in CS taught in french

Is University Of Montreals MS in CS taught in french

Okay so apparently it is.Here is the extract from the email I got : Dear Sir/Madame, Further to your e-mail, please note that Université de Montréal is a French University and that all the courses are given in French.Graduate, the TFI (test of understanding of the French language) is not mandatory.

The units decide after reviewing the file if a test is required if you are admitted to a program.Several faculties impose this condition of admission if previous studies have not been followed in French.If you are admitted to a program, the UdeM will contact you about the TFI to know where and when you will to pass this test.

Usually, programs require the result before your arrival in Montréal.Demonstrate sufficient knowledge of French certified as required, on request by the success of TFI test with a score of at least 605/990.For your information, the DELF B2 is not the French language’s test used by UdeM and the TOEFL and the IELTS are not required.

I inform you that the minimum admission requirement for the master’s degree is a bachelor’s degree (3 years of university) with a minimum GPA of Second Class Upper Division.

The University of Montreal’s is a well-known French language university and most of its courses are taught in the French language.The fact remain here that the French is the second most known language in Canada.A few of its academic institutions teach in French and while others in English.

So no wonder that the Computer science will be taught in the French language.You can consider studying with some other schools and colleges in Canada as well.They are equally well.

Yes.Additionally, click on my profile and see a few more past answers about Montreal, the University of Montreal.That will provide you more info.

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