Is Vancouver colder than Toronto

Is Vancouver colder than Toronto

No way, weather in vancouver is very nice and pleasant and also people are more warm and welcoming than toronto.Toronto is very cold specially in winters.There is lot of snow in winters .

Also summers are good but in vancouver there is very much rain here, and also it is bit hot but i would say perfect weather with drizzling rains.Winters are also not that much cold, it didnt feel much.Overall nature wise weather in vancouver is more lively than toront.

As natural beauty of surroundings likw bushes forest .

No – Toronto is definitely colder.Winter in Toronto can be tougher than in Vancouver because of the big amounts of snow and the sub-zero temperature they reach during winter compared to the mild and rainy weather in Vancouver.

Vancouver’s weather is frequently the best in Canada … because of its moderate nature.This summer has been ideal.Temperatures of 23 to 30 C with very little rain.

Our winters are frequently rainy, with snow very occasionally.

Absolutely Not!Vancouver enjoys the mildest temperatures in Canada with weather very similar to Seattle’s.

Not at all.Vancouver temperate.It rains doesnt snow much.