It is possible to make two beds into one with foam bed bridges.

The experience of relaxing with the extra room that larger sizes provide can be a revelation, as anyone who has upgraded from their first twin-sizebed to a queen or king knows.Some people don’t realize what they’re missing out on when they sleep on smaller mattresses.Money is often the reason someone doesn’t get a larger mattress.To get the comfort of a king-size mattress without the king size cost, Foam Factory, Inc. offers foam bed bridges.

To create a seamless, smooth surface that doubles a mattress’s width, Foam Factory bed bridges are placed in the gap between two side-by-side mattresses.With a length of 78 inches, a bed bridge can be used on twin-size mattresses by trimming off the 3 excess inches and filling the gap between them.The gap between the two mattresses is filled with enough material to prevent a dip, but not so much that a noticeable bulge forms in its place.The product is 10 inches in width, top to bottom, to ensure a smooth transition from mattress surface to bed bridge surface.It won’t feel like there is a foam plug filling the gap if you stretch out across the bridge.You can make a custom-sized mattress by combining two different bed sizes.

The cost of two twin mattresses and Foam Factory’s bed bridge can save you a lot of money.Purchasing two twin mattresses from a company and a Foam Factory bed bridge will be cheaper than purchasing a king-size mattress.The difference between a restless night and a full night of sleep can be made by being able to stretch out.The comfort and cost benefits of a bed bridge can provide to an individual, while substantial, are increased 10 fold for people who share beds with a partner.

One of the biggest issues for couples with a shared sleeping arrangement is how comfortable a mattress is.Since you can’t convince your body that something is comfortable, there is no right or wrong answer.One person may sleep like a rock on a soft, cloud-like mattress while their partner sleeps like stone.compromises can be made as both sides try to please their partner.A concession for both sides means neither person is having their comfort and support needs met, which can result in a lack of rest that is not only bad for the relationship, but also detrimental to overall health.A two-bed system that provides the right surface for good sleep is often used by couples who have been unable to find a balance.All of these issues can be solved by a foam bed bridge.

Two completely different mattress types can be placed together and by using the bed bridge to join them, a single bed is created that gives each person the comfort they need.Air mattress technology has been used to create dual-comfort beds that attempt to combine bed types into a single mattress.The middle section of these mattresses is priced in the thousands of dollars and has the same lack of transition between the two sections as any other dual-bed setup.For hundreds of dollars less, two individual mattresses can be purchased with a bed bridge foam wedge and combined into one for economical, custom comfort.

The foam factory bed bridges can be used on any mattress type.For innerspring mattresses, air mattresses and water beds, bridges can be placed directly on the mattress, and then covered with your sheets, pads and toppers.They can be placed on top of an individual mattress and covered only with the top sheet that joins the two together.The use of these materials can be dictated by the individual.A mattress pad layer between the foam core of the mattresses and the bed bridge is recommended by Foam Factory.The foam bridge can rub against a foam mattress or bed wedge, which can cause them to wear down early.The best way to prevent foam-on-foam friction is to keep a layer between foam materials.Mattresses can be kept together by using fitted sheets that cover both mattresses at the same time.A strap wrapped around the outside of your bed’s perimeter can be used to keep the two beds in place.The two beds need a strap that is tight enough to keep them from moving apart.

If you and your partner have tried everything to give you both the sleep you need, a bed bridge from Foam Factory can be an affordable solution.

It is important to not over-tighten straps as this can damage a mattress.This is especially important with foam mattresses, as over-tightening can cause them to be compact, affect the fit of sheets, or even cut into a foam core.To evenly spread pressure along the edge of the foam, Foam Factory suggests using straps no smaller than 3 inches in width.

Would it be possible to make something like this for a couch?Something like this to go in the sagging gap would be perfect for my couch cushions.

If you want to cut it down to size, you could use a carving knife or electric knife.Let us know if you have any other questions.

I am getting a king sized bed and I already have a twin bed.If you slept in the middle, the crack between them would widen, so I was looking to buy another twin and put the two together.Is it possible to stop this problem by using these on memory foam toppers?

This can be used for beds as well.The foam bed bridge is not memory foam.The bridge won’t give you the same memory foam feel as the foam bed bridge.

There is a 4 ” gap between the twin beds when I put them together.Is the bridge wide?

A block of foam should be placed inside to eliminate the gap.On our website, you can order a custom cut cushion.

A piece of foam about 4 to 5′′ thick could fill the gap.We don’t have a foam bed bridge of that size.You can place an order for custom cut foam here.

Is it possible to use two king beds?I would like a family size bed, but I’m afraid of getting it in my master.Nobody wants the gap, so I think two king beds are a better choice.

It will work for any size bed if you have more than one Foam Bed Bridge.

The Foam Bed Bridge may need to be adjusted on occasion if the head of the mattresses moves.