“Jim’s Arm Gets Eat” is a line from the 1999 film “Deep Blue Sea”.

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Jim Whitlock is an evil-doer who works in the Deep Blue Sea.Goals create and sell a cure for Alzheimer’s by exploiting the use of brain tissue from test sharks.Anti-Heroic Scientist type of crimes.

Deep Blue Sea is a 1999 science-fiction horror film starring James “Jim” Whitlock.He is trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s with the use of brain tissues from genetically engineered mako sharks.His bad actions set off the plot in the film despite his good intentions.

Susan was helped by Jim to genetically engineer three mako sharks that will be able to produce a cure for Alzheimer’s by using their brains.He fell in love with a member of the team.According to a code of ethics called the Harvard Genetics Compact, Susan and Jim used gene therapy to increase the brain mass.

The sharks become more dangerous as a side effect.The test sharks were able to eat the tiger shark when it was released into the pen because of the ability to swim backwards and develop a taste for their own kind.To keep it a secret, Jim tagged along with Susan’s ruse of using a hormonal enhancer to increase the sharks’ brain 5 times the normal size as opposed to using gene therapy.

In the beginning of the film, a shark escaped captivity and attacked a boat full of teenagers, but an expert shark wrangler saved the boat and took the shark back to its pen.Aquatica’s finances are at risk because of the incident.Susan convinces her company to give her a chance of putting in the test so that they can use her research to sell the cure for profit.Russell Franklin, the company’s board president, will personally investigate the facility and experiment to ensure the success.

Jim was first seen pissing off in the wind, an act that was witnessed by Franklin.He helped organize a surprise party for Susan, where he and his wife explain to Franklin about the shark experiments, which he believes will bring a cure to Alzheimer’s.Susan had Carter round up the largest shark in the lab.Jim helped Susan extract a sample of brain cells from an Alzheimer’s patient after he had put the shark to sleep.The result was a complete success as the cells were able to maintain their integrity in 6.5 seconds.

Things get out of hand when Jim ends up having his arm cut off by a shark.Carter tries to shoot the shark with a shotgun, but Susan releases it back into its pen, much to Carter’s anger.Jim was called in for medical attention by the team.

A strong storm made it difficult for the pilots to reel in the stretcher, which fell into the pen waters, as the helicopter arrived at the facility.The helicopter crashed into the tower after one of the test sharks grabbed the stretcher and pulled the cable.

A complete system shutdown is caused by the explosion.The main control room was flooded by the stretcher that the shark used to ram against the underwater window.

The entire facility starts to sink as the team tries to get up to the surface.During the journey, Susan is forced to confess that she and Jim performed illegal experiments on the sharks that caused them to be smarter and deadlier in the first place, causing the entire team to turn on her and become extremely furious at her.

Susan, Carter, and the facility’s chef Sherman ‘Preacher’ Dudley are the only survivors after all of the team members are devoured by sharks.Carter was horrified when he saw Jim’s corpse floating in the water after he tried to drain a stairwell to the surface.

After reaching up to the surface, Susan, Carter and Preacher formed a plan to kill the third shark with a harpoon and boat battery to prevent it from escaping into the open sea.Susan slit her hand to lure the big shark with her blood, but she ends up being devoured in the process.This gives Carter enough time to reel in the shark at the firing range and allow Preacher to fire a harpoon at it, though it pierced Carter’s leg.

Carter freed himself from the harpoon as the giant shark tried to swim out to the open sea.Carter andPreacher were relieved that the giant shark blew up to pieces, avenging the deaths of Jim and the rest of the team.