“Karma” Lynch is a character in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, and she is known for her decisions.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Rank Civilian Affiliations Tacitus Corporation Joint Special Operations Command Nationality American Status Alive/P.O.W./K.I.A. is a fictional character.DeFalco was killed with a Five-Seven, the U.S. drone fleet, or any militiaman in “Second Chance”Barack Obama, Gulf of Mexico is a player determined by age, sex and weight.Equipment Knife, Randomized Grenades, Black Ops Timeline Actress.

The second character in the Call of Duty: Black Ops II campaign is known as Karma.

She is mentioned in a movie.Section and his team are in Pakistan.As they are chasing Menendez, he will stop and talk to his second in command, DeFalco.DeFalco states that he will handle her capture personally.

There is a mission called “Karma”.David’s team is given a location to “Karma” after they review the footage they recorded in Pakistan.They believe that their drones have been destroyed by a cyber-weapon.He bumped into her on his way out of the elevator.He hit on her, only to be rejected.

The information on “Karma” was gathered by the duo after they broke into the room.After searching supply manifest, security systems, and finally security camera databases, they came across a picture of a woman with a tattoo that is the same girl thatHarper bumped into as he walked out of the elevator.They realized that a woman is not a weapon.They discovered that she is a member of the Tacitus Corporation.She is tracked to a club.Mason tries to convinceHarper that she is in danger.Section is at the club when DeFalco and Mercs are looking for her.The warning shots were fired by DeFalco.DeFalco kills one hostage and just as he is about to shoot another, she breaks free and surrenders herself.The others are told to open fire on the club.Section andHarper run behind a bar and kill hostiles.After DeFalco blew up the hotel, Section andHarper went after them.

If the player catches up to DeFalco and kills him, he will be taken to the US.Barack Obama.

She can be taken captive in Yemen if the player doesn’t make it to DeFalco in time.

She will be taken to the US if she is rescued.Obama.She tells the team that she created a worm.The team learns of the attacks that will take place on June 19 after she decodes it.The CIA Nerd will take her place if she is not rescued.

At the end of “Odysseus”, she is seen.It was revealed that the two men were working together.After the sailors are killed, DeFalco will attempt to kill her.There are many options as to what will happen during this.

If DeFalco survived, he will knock out Karma before Farid kills him.She needs to complete the Strike Force missions in order to survive the attack on the ship.

If DeFalco did not survive, Salazar attempts to shoot him, but he jumps in front of the bullet and dies.The woman is knocked out when she tries to confront the man.Strike Force needs to be completed for her to survive.

If DeFalco survived the mission, he will slit her throat and kill her.