MAM produccionesHome – DedSecDedsec hacking app, ctOS access, and YouTubeCTOS are available on the Play store.

This app has tricks and tips to make your life easy, but they are not intended to harm anyone.

Hack is a brand new take on the traditional chat app.Hack allows you to communicate with your friends in new and innovative ways.

You don’t need internet connection to enjoy the Electric Matrix Live Wallpaper.There was no battery.

Hack your way into Dedsec’s secret archives and get exclusive wallpapers.

There is a free version of the ctOS theme.The first and second Widgets have features such as battery bar and clock.Just launch it with a tap.

Welcome!The Styled Icon Pack is for iDroid.The Metal Gear iDroid device is an inspiration for the icons and wallpaper.Features include 2400+ 192×192 resolution icons, 8 HD wallpapers, and a category-based Icons section.

Easy Skin support for everyANDROID version is included in the cOS clock free.The central Outstanding System clock is easily setup.The central OS clock and Nova launcher can be downloaded.

With the popular game Watch Dogs having been released for a while now, I figured it was about time that the same startup animation could be found on the phones.It’s a good idea to read this before using it.This animation should work.

This app can be used to turn on mobile data and the internet.Data settings can be changed quickly with a Widget.Quickly turn on and off 3G/2G and the internet.It has an option to turn on and off the device.A device.

The world’s first choice-driven abstract hacking simulator.For free!You are a hacker.Break as many systems as possible within the time limit.If you stay precise with your cutting, you will be able to dominate the leaderboards.As…

This specially designed app is your interface to take control of your very own Watch_ Dog Wrench Junior robot.Wrench Junior is a device controlled watcherbot that can turn, spin, move forward or backwards.It can show and speak.

We formulated, designed and developed this app after thorough research by a group of American University students.Privacy and private data will be protected by this.It will be scanned.