Mark Ten® Discontinuation AnnouncementMagic Mist compatible Cartridges, batteries and chargers are available for sale.

Mark Ten blends several tobacco flavors to give you a unique taste.It will remind you of the tobacco flavor you are used to.Vaporizing a new hobby of yours will make you feel comfortable because of the familiar flavor.When you inhale Classic, you notice how smooth it travels and the rich flavor it leaves behind.You enjoy the tobacco blend that created this flavor as you linger.It clears your mind and reminds you that “me time” should always be made.Tobacco leaves slowly exit your body when you remember to breathe.You are wondering if you should go for a second pull as the leaves disappear in the wind.You should just sit back and relax, because the aftertaste convinces you that you should.The taste only gets better when you take a puff.Indulging in this tobacco blend is what you should be doing.Mark Ten puts the cartridges in foil bags to make sure they are fresh when you get them.Customer appreciation is a good move.MarkTen® did not attempt to alter the taste of the famous flavor.There are other flavors that MarkTen has to offer, but the Bold Classic will not be compared to other tobacco blends in the market.MarkTen® has a long list of flavors that you are more than welcome to try.

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