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Age Stress makes him look older than he is.He doesn’t eat.He doesn’t sleep.The character trait likes being safe with his friends.He dislikes people who want to eat him.Powers and abilities can be self aware.

Orange is an M&Ms character and he is also on the wrapper of Mint Crisp M &Ms.He is very paranoid and scared.He thinks he will be eaten because of his delicious M&M.His friend is Pretzel Guy, who is in the Pretzel M&M commercials.He used to be called Orange because he was the spokescandy for Crispy M&Ms, but now he is called Pretzel because they no longer sell them in New York.M&Ms came back but he wasn’t in the ads.He is the spokescandy for the candy.Eric Kirchberger is the voice of orange.

Orange is unable to overcome his fears.Pretzel Guy tries to encourage him because he is a big pal to him.

The colour orange is obvious.He resembles a sphere more than the other M&Ms.He has always had something round inside of him.Unlike the other male M&Ms, Orange’s shoes are unique and he wears a generic pair of white gloves.It’s almost always untied when Crispy wears high top sneakers.Like the other M&Ms, he has black eyebrows.

Orange first appeared in the diner ad, introducing the new Crispy M&M’s, he is seen talking about himself trying to avoid being eaten.

The M&Ms Plane ad shows Orange hiding in the plane bathroom to avoid being eaten.He rolls his eyes when Red says there are only thirteen more hours left in the flight.