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What are some of the best reasons to attend the university? - Parkers Legacy

What are the best reasons to attend Concordia University

There are more than one reasons to study at Concordia and why I chose this school over others.

The admission rate at Concordia University is 80%, while the rest of the universities are in the 50% or less range.

It is easier to get into Concordia than it is to get into any of the other universities.

It doesn’t mean the studies will be easier if it’s easier to get in.

With more than 400 programs to choose from, the program you love most likely will be offered.

The city has been ranked as the best student city in the world 3 times in a row.

One is in downtown and the other is 7 km away.Montreal is a very affordable city.

If you want to live in Montreal, you can pay between $800 and 900 a month, which includes food, clothing, and bills.

You can meet a lot of people from countries you have never been to if you enroll in the undergraduate programs at DiversityConcordia.

Montreal is the 2nd largest city in the world in terms of french speaking population.

Most people are bilingual here so French is needed for part-time jobs, so you don’t need to learn french as an expert.

If you are going to study at a bilingual city, you should take the initiative to learn and speak French with your peers.

Rent in Montreal is dirt cheap and includes all the utilities and high speed Internet.

If you want to live in a studio apartment but aren’t that type of person, you can find one for around $800/month in Toronto and Vancouver. These are just some of the points but Concordia has more to offer.

Even though the university is not one of the topnotch in Canada, but few of the departments are above excellence, there are more than one reasons to attend.

The Computer Science and Software Engineering department has been named the best research institute in Canada for the 4th time.

The Business school is one of the most reputed in the country and have been popular for quite a few years now. Infrastructure and Services: The labs are well maintained and equipped with all the necessary services as well.

The library is one of the places you will love to be at, it is the most diverse university in Canada.

It’s not just their presence but the way students get along here is simply amazing. They hardly seem to be from different cultures as they get comfortable here.

The people here in and around the University are very friendly and humble, and it is a beautiful city with the SWG campus located in the heart of Downtown.

I don’t think a discussion about going to Concordia can be without mentioning McGill, one of the best universities in the country.

Class sizes are larger and the culture there tends to be more competitive in certain programs, which I have heard of.

I felt that the faculty was on my side and that they were always available for help.

I enjoyed my time there and am very fond of the faculty in the biology and chemistry departments. I credit them for helping me get a college professor job.

Some say that Concordia is more focused on getting students employed than others.

Journalism and business programs at Concordia are considered to be reliable because they allow students to get job experience during their education.

The new engineering building, science building and PERFORM center are beautiful facilities that have been built recently, and they have invested a lot of money to upgrade their infrastructure.

It’s a bigger university with more research potential that offers a medicine program, and it might open some doors, especially internationally.

I can tell you that some of my peers from the Biology program at Concordia have gone on to do graduate work, get MDs or hold positions at Harvard or Berkeley.

Several of my peers have gone on to become doctors, researchers, or both at prestigious institutions because of a degree from Concordia.

Mcgill is the main question, I did my undergrad in Mcgill and I am doing a masters in the same school.

It is my opinion that good professors are more accessible in Mcgill than in Concordia.

Even though I have a reference letter from another professor in Mcgill but a different department for a collaborative project, the famous professors there refuse to take any master degree.

On the other hand, the professors are good at giving you direction in research, they know what topic could be valuable and what is not, and senior students can be enough for my technical questions.

Senior students of the same supervisor are usually the ones who teach me new things.

If you are confident that you can do it on your own, Mcgill is a good choice. If you are less confident, you can get help from your professor.

Concordia University has a very unique vibe that will attribute to an enjoyable university experience.

On days where you can’t afford to slack, and on days where you can spend 10 hours in the library, there are some exams that are easy.

Mcgill graduates have a reputation advantage when looking for a job because they are helpful and willing to share classroom material.

Good luck, hard work should compensate for that.

When it was called Loyola, I attended.

It is said that the Jesuits will make you either a priest or an unbeliever because they teach you a love of learning rather than a knowledge of certain subjects.

I am not a big fan of the Catholic church, but I respect Jesuit eruidition.

The architecture is amazing, the burroughs are diverse, the people are accepting, and the food is amazing!

One of the best reasons to attend Concordia is to get an education.