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What are some things students can do to start their semester off well? - Parkers Legacy

What are some useful tips for students starting their first semester at Concordia University

I started at Concordia back in 2005, so my information may be a little dated.

If you’re from greater Montreal, it’s easy to get lost in the pack if you don’t step outside of your social circle.

If you have any hobbies or interests, chances are there is a club or organization for it. Join them, make friends.

Some of the friends I made while I was a political science student went on to become MPs, these organizations are where the real networking goes on and you’ll make connections that will help you after you graduate and move on to your career.

If you choose to use the STM, you will burn up at least an hour on top of your class time. The university bureaucracy is kafkaesque.

If you must be sure to have everything filled out or prepared before you get in to the office, avoid dealing it whenever possible.

It is easier to get a transcript in person than it is to call or request it online, but I still like to eat nearby the SGW campus.

For textbooks, go to the campus bookstores and search for second-hand ones. They’re much cheaper. Search online: Kijiji.ca, http://www.book finder.com

Ask your department about grants, scholarships, financial aid.

If this seems intimidating, don’t worry, it’s their job.

If I am mistaken, a few departments have job opportunity pages. Those are great leads for, well, work and internships as well.

Although your semester has probably begun by now, try to find an apartment near the campus where most of your classes take place.I’ve had friends who got a place in Little Italy because they thought their classes were at Sir George William campus.

It was a huge mistake given how much further they had to go when they found out that their classes were at Loyola.

It is a great Uni.

It was like going to a small town university with a lot of different groups interacting with each other, and it made life a lot more interesting.

Be sure to keep up with your studies, don’t have too much fun, and let your studIRS slip, there’s good music and you meet people, and you have a great time.

You want to maintain a good average because you don’t want to repeat a year, but if you have to take classes down at Sir George, there are lots of pubs and restaurants around there, but for the most part I would say stick to Loyola.

I got to know a lot of people by working at the campus center.

It was a great place to work, even though you were working, because you could still see what was happening at the games room.

It was rare for us to get home before sunrise because the staff sat around after the bar closed and had their beer.

If you can, buy some of your textbooks secondhand, that will save you some money.

You can have vegan lunch at the People’s Potato on the 7th floor of the Hall Building.

Cinema Politica films can be seen at the Hall Building theater on the first floor for free.

You used to have to take the emergency stairs from the 12th to the 13th to get to the Greenhouse on the 13th floor.

The Multi Faith Chaplancy used to offer an on donation dinner every thursday at Mother Hubbard’s.

If you want to learn to fix your bike yourself, you can go to a bike repair shop where people will teach you how.

There are couches on the top floors of the EV building that are often empty so you can take naps there.

The YMCA on Stanley is close to the downtown campus and offers free open swim for the city. If you ask for a card they will give you one for free.

The cheapest coffee and treats on campus can be found on the 7th floor of the EV building.

Wine and cheese events are free on the website of the university, but they only do them for graduate events.

You get to meet a lot of people if youActively look and participate in the events organized at the University.

It helps if you get all the free stuff, can help you for a long time, and be aware when you do something unusual, because there is always an eye looking at you.

It feels like you’re doing something that will get you to where you want, and you have to pay attention in class.

Sign up at Le Gym or the athletic centre at Loyola and participate in any activities which interest you, I made up lots of great friends there playing ball and working out. Take advantage of a great study spot at the green house.

If you are a first year, aim to live in rez because it’s a great place to make friends and have fun.

The best events were thrown by the African students association, Caribbean students association, and John Molson students.

You can use the free tutoring for math classes, as well as the free tutorials for different classes, if you want.

If you think you need a lot of help go to a different service like gradesavers.

If you just go over past finals and practice questions, you can do well in most courses, even if you don’t read the book.

Don’t drink to excess because you aren’t there to make friends, and avoid morning classes because they mean morning assignment deadlines and sleep is precious.

I am going to start my first semester at concordia on January 7th, and I need to find the hours and places that I can take my classes.

Please let me know if you know more things I can do.

On the first day try to collect everything from bricks and attend as many classes as possible.

It’s a good idea to mingle with students who have already completed semister s. Use the library as much as possible.

You can attend orientation sessions to find out more about the little things that are available to you as a student.

You will meet many amazing people from many different walks of life at Concordia.

It is a great time to visit student services if you are social.

Find out what resources are available to you at orientation.

If you are a grad student, the university has a student success centre.

There are lots of clubs on campus.

During the first week of activities for new students, you’ll meet new friends, see the campus and it’s fun.

It is important to know where things are so you can feel confident.

University life is amazing, you have a lot to look forward to, the more you participate the more you will get out of your time there.

If you need help, don’t even think about getting it from administration. They are good at answering questions when you are considering going there.

Profs will be helpful but some will be idiots.

My answer to the question “What are the best student organizations to join at Concordia University?” was “I suggest joining a student organization or sports team!”.

If you are taking a full course load, it is important to plan out your days in advance.

Do all your assignments immediately in every class.

Notes are the real friends for students, and you should note every important and interesting idea from your instructor.