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What are the best places to eat near a university? - Parkers Legacy

What are the best restaurants near Concordia Universitys campus

If you are talking about the campus in Downtown, these are some of the best foods/restaurants I can suggest you.

If you’re looking for a cheap sandwich, go to the place on Lincolnafel sandwich from Nilufar, or Sammy Soup on DrummundGreen Panther.

Good food, but not an every day/week treat.Mango Bay (Mackay) has good Jamaican. If you’re a Muslim, you should go to places that offer seafood instead of Pork and Beef.

I am not familiar with the Loyola campus, but I know for a fact that it is surrounded by the most famous halal restaurants of Montreal, because I studied at the SGW campus.

I went to the downtown campus and the first place that came to mind was Kazu, a Japanese restaurant.

Sir George Williams is the downtown campus, which is centered around the Hall Building at Bishop and de Maisonneuve.