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What are the best small classes for freshman? - Parkers Legacy

What are the best small classes for freshmen at Concordia University

Most first year classes run between 70–200 students in the big auditoriums, and second and third year classes are closer to the size of the MA programs.

If small class size is more important than the level, look into the 300 level courses. They will be more demanding in terms of reading but likely include much more discussion and less lecturing.

If you’re looking for small class sizes, committed faculty, and engaging content, then you should seriously consider applying to the Liberal Arts College, which is one of the best programs of its kind in North America.

The courses are challenging and there is a heavy workload.

There is no better place to study history, philosophy, art, literature, and politics, if you are interested in understanding the origins of western civilization.

I thought the small ENGL224: The Creative Process was an interesting class with a strong sense of community and interaction.

I think everyone should know about ECON201: Micro economics.