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How do you find a place to live in Montreal. - Parkers Legacy

How do you find an apartment in Montreal

If you’re an outsider, you might not know that local Quebecers use Kijiji a lot.

If you are a student, I suggest that you look at Craiglist, it is very popular elsewhere in North America, but less popular in Québec.

appartments are described as a number of rooms + 12 for the bathroom/washroom.412 means 4 rooms + 1 toilet, and you may assume 2 bedrooms in most cases.

There seem to be more anglophone ads on Craig’s List than there are on Kijiji.

If you’re looking for a place during the summer, you should check the classified ads of the local universities, as students will often sublet.

There are many sites you can use but some are better.

MoreMontreal apartments is my favorite because it’s complete and the ads are not just a pile of ads.

It’s easy to walk from building to building and view the apartments in Montreal since it’s so many concentrated areas.