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I want to move to a neighbourhood in Montreal. - Parkers Legacy

Which neighbourhood of Montreal should I move to

The best place for artists to live in the mid-twenties is either the Mile End or the Mile-Ex. They’re lively neighbourhoods with cafe’s, restaurants of all price ranges, art studio’s, independent stores and a very distinct community.

If you’re into graffiti art, you should check out Saint Henri or Little Burgundy, they’re close to the water and are more of an English area.

It depends on your budget, Montreal doesn’t have particularly expensive rent, but it does vary depending on the neighborhood.

If you can afford it, plateau mont royal is the place for you.

St-Henri was once a low once type area, but has gone through a renaissance.

It’s located by the Lachine Canal, which is a great place to go jogging, cycling, picnicking, etc.