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Which neighborhood in Montreal is best for me? - Parkers Legacy

Which neighborhood should I stay at in Montreal

It is incredible that a person has lived there for so long.

There is a lot of energy and creativity.

There is a concentrated youth culture in the central part of the state.

Montreal has a lot of live music, art galleries, unique shops, restos, bars, and other things.

It is very diverse as many immigrants have settled here. One can live a truly urban lifestyle without owning a car.

I have quite a few of the neighbourhoods in Montreal.

Old Montreal and Le vieux Port are great places to drink wine or beer.

Chinatown is the same as downtown Montreal.

I used to live in the N.D.G./Snowden area, which is 15 minutes away from downtown.

You already live in Montreal, Francois?

Do you plan to move from where you are now to Little Italy?