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What are some of the most famous rivalries for the Montreal hockey team? - Parkers Legacy

What are most famous rivalries for the Montreal Canadiens and why

For a long time, Montreal and Toronto were geographic rivals.

Which stock market would the most corporate head offices choose?

In sports, there are rivalries between Toronto and Montreal in football, and Toronto and Montreal in hockey. But the rivalry between the cities has cooled off.

Toronto won out in almost everything but sports, as it is bigger, more powerful, and more economically important than Montreal.

Since 1979 they have not faced each other in the playoffs.

There is no specific reason why Boston would be rivals with Montreal, but they are the biggest rivals in hockey, and have played each other more often than any other two teams.

The old saying goes, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” Whether the game is important or not, these two teams get up to play each other.

They first faced each other in 1917 and have played each other 818 times.

The two teams have met in the playoffs fifteen times, including five Stanley Cup Finals and two NHL Championships.

Both the Leafs and the Habs won the Stanley Cup 15 times out of the 20 times it was on the line.

Prior to expansion, they split support between Quebec and the Rest of Canada, as well as between Catholics and Protestants, and both teams still cater to the same regions.

The Toronto Maple Leafs are definitely that.

There is a French x English rivalry between the Maple Leafs and the Habs.

It’s not common to love one and hate another.

One of the biggest rivalries of the Habs was the Quebec Nordiques.Montreal and Quebec City were the 2 biggest cities in Quebec.Montreal was considered against succession and Quebec city was considered for it.

I think the Boston Bruins are their biggest rival.

Over the course of almost 100 years of regular season and playoff games, there has been some serious contempt for one another that has been laid on one another.

The rivalry between Rocket Richard and Gordie Howe made Detroit an enemy for me.

The two largest Canadian city rivalry is Toronto and Boston.