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What are the chances of the Montreal Canadiens making it to the playoffs? - Parkers Legacy

What are the 2019 2020 playoff chances of the Montreal Canadiens

The team’s chances are very hard to assess, because the lineups are still being modified, after the Aho Affair.

One way of looking at the Habs chances for a playoff spot is to consider what teams in the Eastern conference are certain to make the playoffs and teams that are out of contention.

None of those teams are bad, but they all have one or more problems that make me hesitant in putting them in the playoffs: Islanders and Carolina.

Even though they have two of the greatest players of their generation, I think this might be the year that they really decline.

I don’t know how to evaluate the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils. On paper, they got better this summer, so playoffs should be a sure thing, but… Philadelphia didn’t really get that better

The Habs have a good young core, but a lot of their players had career years, and they still missed the playoffs.

I am pretty sure that Toronto is better than Montreal because they haven’t addressed that glaring hole on the left side of their defensive corps.

Montreal needs to be better than 3 of the 6 remaining teams in order to have a chance.

I think the chances are good, but it’s not a lock, and Carolina hasn’t decided to match or decline to match, so I’m writing this in July of next year.

If Aho does come to Montreal, I think the Habs take a major step forward to being a playoff contender but a contender to make a deep run.

If all of their players continue on their current trajectory in terms of skill, then they are a very talented team with a ton of distributed scoring punch and an all-world goalie who can probably make the playoffs.

I am very comfortable with Victor Mete and I am sure that he does a lot of good things on this team as a very very young player, so I think this concern is overblown.

Petry is fine anchoring the second unit, and if Noah Juulson can return and stay healthy, they can be okay. I definitely wouldn’t over pay for a big-name addition on the back end.

The odds for a Cup are slim to none, as I have seen a recent trend for Montreal, and they’re just not deep enough or tough enough to make a deep run.

The last few years have yielded little evidence to make me hopeful for their return to greatness. There’s a goalie with gobs of talent but needs a sports psychologist to help him through the onslaught of shots he has faced recently.

There’s the all-world defenseman who has spent equal time on the ice and in the hospital. The offense needs serious addressing.

The lack of depth down the lines isn’t covered by bringing burning hot stars like Aho in.

They have talent but it seems that the talent is in a glass house. Until the Habs can prove themselves as consistent performers my faith in them will remain dull.

The Habs are not in a good position to make the playoffs or have an extended run in the playoffs because they are missing key ingredients.

Body language from key players is terrible for a coach.

I hate the team that Bergevin has built, and if they don’t make it then he should be fired along with Timmons.

I don’t have a problem with the coach, he has given them hope, a huge talent in his day, and he seems to want to make a point to the league.

The odds of the Montreal Habs reaching the playoffs in 2020 are under 20–1, according to the NHL Playoff Odds.

If they make the playoffs, they’ll fall in the first round.

It is hard to see this group of players going much of anywhere given the coaching and management.

I don’t think the Habs will be a contender again, as sad as I am to say that, because I think the owner knows less about hockey than they do.

7 points out of a wild card slot with 14 games to play and 7 of those on the road, I think it’s about 25%.

I don’t think they’ll make it this year, but there is always a chance, even if they are eliminated.