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Why do people hate the Montreal hockey team? - Parkers Legacy

Why do people hate the Montreal Canadiens

I was raised to cheer for the Toronto Maple Leafs and the most intense rivalry that the team had was with the Montreal Canadiens.

When Toronto was good, they would often meet the Habs in the playoffs, I suppose there was a degree of jealousy as well.

The Leafs saw Montreal as the main reason that they didn’t win more often because they hated them so much.

I don’t cheer for the Habs because they represent French Canada and English Canada.

The Habs haven’t won a Stanley Cup in 7 years, but their fans are sanctimonious.

It has been 26 years since they last won a Cup.

When the team does poorly, some of their fans act like there is an annual Stanley Cup parade down the street.

It isn’t all their fans, and all teams have terrible fans.

They are jealous of the most successful hockey team in the league, the second most successful team of the big four sports, and the team that is going to win the cup next year.

It was from the sad-sack Leafs fans.