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What are the records of past home sale prices in Montreal? - Parkers Legacy

How do you find records of past home sale prices sold not asking in Montreal

Realtors fought to keep listings private and lost the battle, but they did win when it came to sold properties – their claim that it is information they harvest to sell to their members and should not be shared as public information

When a real estate sale is filed with the register of deeds, it’s public information and can be obtained by anyone.

There is a private way to reduce the sale price in some areas of the US and I’m guessing similar rules apply to Canada.

All transactions and legal obligations relating to the land and property are listed in the “Bureau de la Publicité des droits du Québec”, so a buyer would only be liable for anything published there.

The only way to get sold prices on Centris is through a OACIQ certified professional.

I work at the company.

Centris.ca, Le plus grand nombre de propriétés vendre, or the City registry of the Ville de Montreal are the best places to find anything close to a sold price.