NCAA rule changes: New fair catch rule on kickoffs.

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Play now.

If a fair catch is made between the goal line and the 25-yard line, it should be treated as a touchback.

Along with other changes, that suggestion was approved by the NCAA’s Playing Rules Oversight Panel.

The NCAA’s only message in the rule change is player safety, which has been an issue for football at every level in recent years.The association wants to increase the number of touchbacks, which start an offense at the 25-yard line, while decreasing the amount of hits a returner receives.

It should be possible to reduce the number of sky-high pop-up kickoffs that are designed to either put a receiving team in poor field position or create frantic, live-ball situations.Also keep in mind the recent rule changes to kick offs.Before the 2012 season, touchbacks were moved up five yards to the 25-yard line and the kick return line was moved from 30 to 35 yards.