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How is Carleton University for a PhD in Physics - Parkers Legacy

How is Carleton University for a PhD in Physics

In regards to Canada only: it is average.Average cost, average culture/people, average amount of activities, average campus, and it ranks consistently around the 400-500th in the world in terms of academic reputation every year.So, that’s pretty good.

You won’t go wrong by going to Carleton.Personally I like it because I am interested in government jobs and there are a lot of them here.The political science program here has good ratings (better in comparison with most programs offered there) and like I said, jobs to follow.

With that in mind, why not go to the west coast, where you have more tech and science related opportunities?Ottawa costs quite a bit to live for a small city too, unless you exit the area surrounding Carleton U. I would thus recommend UBC or Victoria.Sure Vancouver is expensive too – but if you’re already paying a lot, you might as well go to one of the top 50-75 schools in the world (specifically for physics).

Uof T is great too, as well as McGill (MTL), and McMaster.So, there are my recommendations.Source: mostly my thoughts/experience with Ottawa/Carleton in addition to various world rankings sites too… notably this one — http://www.shanghairanking.com/SubjectPhysics2015.html Good luck!