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I have letters from Carleton University University of Manitoba Dalhousie University and Memorial University Which one is better with respect to campus size and nature - Parkers Legacy

I have letters from Carleton University University of Manitoba Dalhousie University and Memorial University Which one is better with respect to campus size and nature

I have letters from Carleton University University of Manitoba Dalhousie University and Memorial University Which one is better with respect to campus size and nature

As I work at Dal and am an Alumni, I could be biased.Looking at the objective criteria.Reputation is likely the most important consideration.

Times Higher Ed (UK based) ranks Dalhousie in 251–300 (of world), Manitoba 401–500, and both Carleton and Memorial in 501–600; TopUniversities ranks Dal 279, Man 551–600, Carleton 651–700, Memorial 701–750.The relative ranks have been pretty consistent.Dal has a significant reputation advantage.

Halifax also has a significant weather advantage.Both Manitoba and Newfoundland are cold during the academic year.St. John’s has the added pleasure of being really wet.

My Nephew went to U of Ottawa and commented that he enjoyed the 100 degree Celsius temperature range (adding in humidex it goes past +50 in the summer and with wind chill below -50 in the winter).Not my idea of fun.Halifax gets a fair amount of rain but the temperature rarely goes below -20 (with wind chill) or above 30.

Weather impacts faculty recruitment.As does University ranking and faculty wages.Enrollment: Carleton 31,000; Manitoba ~28,000; Dalhousie ~20,000; Memorial ~18,000 The second most important thing (to me) is program reputation.

For example Carleton is known for Journalism.They are likely the best choice if that is your chosen program of study.The others have a variety of programs and there may be some gems in their system that I’m not familiar with.

I’d look for qualifications of people who have the jobs I’d like to have and see where they went to University.If one of your four shows up regularly, then look at it hard.If not, ask yourself: “Where do I want to live for the next four years?” Travel costs/logistics: How long will it take to get home for Winter Break?

How much will it cost?Are there direct flights?You may want to consider Social opportunities: both St. John’s and Halifax have wonderful downtown bar scenes.

I am a U of M alumni and therefore also perhaps biased (particularly the first part of my answer).I began university at UBC, but decided to take a summer course at U of M… by the following Winter semester I had moved to Manitoba.After experiencing the student services, job opportunities, campus community, friendliness, and collegiality at U of M, for me, no other school could compare.

It’s also the cheapest university in Canada, outside of Quebec thanks to heavy provincial government subsidizing.However, all schools have programs they are known for.For example, if you were planing to go into Political Science, I would say, obviously, go to Carleton.

If your interested in Ocean Sciences, I would laugh if you thought U of M was the choice over Dalhousie.Regardless of all this advice, I think most people when choosing where to go to school usually have a gut intuition (even if it’s ever so quiet) pulling them to one university over another.If that is the case for you, then follow it and, take it from me, you can always change your mind and transfer to a different school if the school you chose wasn’t the right fit for you.

Every university has their own pros and cons.While deciding which university to go to, consider the following: Major: The most important aspect is the major.Now, overall university ranking and major ranking can vary by huge numbers.

Like Memorial university’s ranking is around 600–700 but in petroleum, it is considered one of the best.So, if you are going to study petroleum, then nothing is better than memorial university.Scholarships: Now it is possible that you have got scholarship in one of the universities and not in others, so in that case choosing the university which provides you scholarships can be a good decision as studying in Canada is pretty expensiveOverall Ranking: Overall Ranking gives the best idea which university is better than other in all aspect.To determine the ranking, organisations consider lots of factors not just education level.

So, if you are confused, overall ranking can help you narrow down the list.Location: Location plays a very important role as well.Please do not ignore it since you will have to spend 2 years or 4 years there.Note: I also have a youtube channel.If you are planning to come to canada, you can check out my channel.

I upload many important videos for international students which will help you ease the process of studying abroad.Please check out my channel once.

It mostly depend on your study program.All the university that you mentioned are good in their aspects but you need to consider your preferance 1st.If you are going for petroleum engg then Memorial university has better reputation than others but in case of IT and environmental engg Carletron university has better future prospective.

I can only speak for Carleton U.Lots of nature on campus including quads (parks) inbetween all sets of 4 buildings on perimiter.Long Canal that you can kayak, canoe and even skate to school on!

A system of underground walkways to escape those aweful winter nights and days.A full arive safe system with security and volunteer walkers!

Memorial is best for Petroleum Engineering.

Dalhousie has a good law school.

Really research what city you would like to work in.

U of M degree might not get you a job in ontario as easy as one of the other universities