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Why is Carleton University a good school - Parkers Legacy

Why is Carleton University a good school

First I will be honest I went to Carleton from 94–98 and moving from Toronto it was a shock, that said there are many reasons to embrace Carleton both overall and in specific areas.Overall it is the only university in Canada that specificly caters to disabled students both in classes,the residences, and the overall campus yet also provides a wonderful experience to able bodied students as well.The entire university is linked by underground tunnels which not only helps you navigate around but is a god send in winter.OC transpo has built a dedicated rapid transit so the uni is not isolated.

It has a world renowned journalism school, and is also now known its economic, and business schools.It is one of the few universities that offers a full time BA in social work in Ontario with having to go part time/night time i.e.York.

It has a deal with the the University of Ottawa(a french language school) so you can take credits in french at the university and the they will be accepted on par at Carleton and therefore anywhere you choose to move to or do your masters.This is really special as most government jobs require you to have some French, others what is called level 17 French( anything to do with the public) and it looks wonderful on your resume while being a great experience.The university is mid range in size ( last I checked) so once you get past first year and focus on your major the class size and prof/TA support is great, as well as a real sense of community if you choose to get involved.

Carleton was one of the first universities to not only have a form of distance education but also a program called Tapes To You, this meant that many classes were filmed and either mailed to the student to do courses at home or we had a library where you could do everything from take an extra course (4 years of environmental science for interest) or just review the class you were already taking if you missed the class or needed to understand the course work better.It was also one of the first Ontario universities to embrace the burgeoning internet, a lot a this started as ways to assist disabled and distance students but it has all grown along with the breadth of programs beyond J school.Last couple of things the campus is so beautiful and being just outside the city center is incredibly peaceful while being close to the city center thanks to the rapid transit, it is close to Hull if you are so inclined ( beer at the grocery store, 3am drinking, lower legal age to buy) and finally you are in the nations capital which offers many opportunities to combine school and really cool government jobs.

Carleton is a different place than when I went, money and development have poured in to create some powerhouse programs and opportunities you just don’t find elsewhere plus some great history.I loved my time at Carleton I started in the school of SW but my passion is all things food and b/c the university was able to offer a little more attention I was able to spend 3yrs studying either independently or in a class setting everything from history to politics to the science of food.I was even allowed to look at food through the lens of womens history and unions.

Last but not least there is a beautiful set of locks as part of the campus and every year they have this party that includes rubber ducks raced for prizes from the locks.My university years and my Carleton education has allowed me to change not jobs but careers several times and see the differently abled as some of the most determined people around.

Full disclosure: no research was put into answering this question.All based on my experience there.I would say it is a decent school.

It is above average, but not top tier.For instance, it has a good athletic facility, but it is has too many machines for cardio and not enough for weights.It has a fairly convenient campus in terms of size and maneuverability in between classes/activities or going to the café, but there is only one café (other than Loeb which is hard to find), and the buildings themselves are confusing AF (Loeb, again, why the heck did they ever build you?).

So, through those examples of how it is “good” just not “perfect” (small faults), I hope you get a good idea of what Carleton is like.In terms of the options, it’s that or Ottawa U pretty much.If you speak English or live in the West end/South End/CT – go to Carleton.

If you want to do science, speak French, want to go to Telfer school (and put an impressive-sounding position title on your CV that means nothing) – go to Ottawa U!I chose Carleton because I live in CT and wanted to do Political Science which is a good program there (always resaerch your program, the clubs, campus and stuff are second priority).However, I would argue that Carleton is easier to get to from just about anywhere, is a little newer and nicer (other than buildings like Loeb), and is maybe even a little more diverse culturally.

However, I don’t like the frat/sorority status quo or CUSA.They are thieves and rob money from your pockets.I just can’t speak to Ottawa U’s student organization or frats/sororities, but I think that CUSA is THE worst in Canada.

Seriously, if there is one really bad thing about Carleton – amongst all the good – it is that cocky curly haired guy who runs CUSA and can be seen spending your money on KEG parties with that big asinine smile everyday.If you are going to live on campus, consider the residence life too.I donno, all pretty much depends on what you are looking for in terms of what is “good” – campus, clubs, or academics?

Either way, I hope I answered clearly that Carleton is good with only small faults.

Where as most faculties have undergraduates study civil, mechanical, electrical for 1 year and then specialise in one for 3 years, Carleton undergraduates study civil, mechanical, electrical for 3 years and specialize for 1.

Carleton engineers study all three streams with 3rd year math and so are better in all three than most other faculties.