Panel bonding and structural bonding for autobody repair, electrical panel grounding and bonding, and 3M Panel Bonding Adhesive are some of the things that can be done.

The Full Cure can be achieved in 24 hours with a constant temperature of 73F.

Is 3m Panel Bond Sandable?The door skins are only glue.Under heat, the panel bond seams come apart.If you don’t get it cleaned up right away, sand it off.A nice seam can be created that way as well.

The Rhino Ultra-Tough Glue is the best glue for automotive plastic, and this kit comes with three different types of glue to tackle any job.

Steel Soldiers Supporter, I read that a normal weld has a tensile strength of 1500psi, and that the 3m panel bond is between 3,000 and 4,000psi.