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In an effort to manage healthcare costs and provide employees and retirees with the highest quality benefits, a re-certification of dependents is being conducted to ensure that they are eligible for coverage.MCG has a fiduciary responsibility to manage health insurance plans for the exclusive benefit of participants and their eligible dependents.It is designed to reduce future costs by ensuring only eligible dependents have plan access.The dependent recertification process is being conducted by an independent consulting firm.The MCG plan members with covered dependents are required to provide the necessary documentation by September 17, 2021.Changes have been made to the documentation requirements for plan members who have not recertified their dependents.To review the changes, please read this announcement letter.In June 2021, plan members who have not yet recertified will receive an announcement letter along with revised instructions on how to recertify their dependents online.Plan members can check the status of their dependent at any time by visiting and selecting “Check Status – Overview.”The plan members are asked to allow up to two weeks for their documents and portal steps to be processed.If plan members don’t follow the new process or provide the required documents for dependents by September 17, 2021, those dependents will be removed from coverage, and members will get a 30 day notice before the coverage ends.Expenses incurred after that date will be their responsibility.Represented employees who can demonstrate that they are unable to obtain the required documents through the resources outlined in the Dependent Eligibility Matrix must notify their respective union by or before Monday, August 16, 2021.The Dependent Eligibility Matrix contains resources for ordering documentation.

The effort has been delegated to a consultant.Your calls and emails are not public.

Health care costs increase for those who are eligible for coverage when ineligible individuals use the MCG health plans.The funds available for other benefit initiatives are reduced.The recertification is done to make sure the plan is only paying for those who qualify.

The recertification was conducted by an independent employee benefits consulting firm.

The deadline is Friday, September 17, 2021.You can either use the secure online portal or return the form by mail with the required documentation in the Dependent Eligibility Matrix.

Your personal information will be safe with Bolton.If you want to send original documents, please don’t.When you receive your documents from Bolton, they are stored in a secure cloud-based system with password-protected access.The confidentiality and privacy of all documents submitted will be ensured byBolton.All documents will be destroyed after the process is complete.

30 days in advance of the date that your dependent’s coverage will be terminated if you are unable or unwilling to follow the new process or provide the required documentation.Expenses incurred after that date will not be covered and will be your patient responsibility.

If your dependent is turning 26 between March 1, 2021, and September 17, 2021, you don’t need to recertify them.

The dependent eligibility matrix can be used to find out who is eligible for coverage under the plan.The dependents that are excluded from the recertification are not listed on the form.

If you wish to remove an ineligible dependent, you must complete the Bolton Dependent Recertification Form.You can either register your account using the reference number at the top of the announcement letter or use the additional submission methods described in the Documentation FAQ section.On the first day of the month, your ineligible dependent will be removed from coverage.The change will be confirmed in a letter.You can check the status of yoru dependents by accessing your portal at

Only in very limited circumstances.If the dependent was never eligible for health coverage, there will be no continuation coverage.If an eligible dependent has stopped being eligible, the enrollee or dependent must submit a disenrollment form within 60 days of the event that ended eligibility in order to qualify for COBRA.

Refer to the Dependent Eligibility Matrix.The original documents should not be submitted as they will be scanned and destroyed.

Between March 1, 2021, and September 17, 2021, you can submit your documentation along with the Dependent Recertification Form.The Statement of Marriage documentation for spouse is the only documentation that needs to be notarized.There are three ways to submit your documentation.

You can securely review your eligibility status at any time by visiting and using your reference number.

It can take up to 12 weeks to receive the documentation if you order birth certificates or marriage certificates online, so please visit these resources as soon as possible.Delays are expected given the current Pandemic.Please plan accordingly.

The Department of Vital Records where the birth/marriage took place is the most cost-effective option for obtaining document copies.If you were married in Frederick County Maryland, you can get your marriage certificate directly from the court for $5.50.

The most cost-effective option for obtaining document copies is directly from the local Health Department or Department of Vital Records where the birth/marriage took place.If you were married in Frederick County Maryland, you can get your marriage certificate directly from the court for $5.50.