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On-demand cooling is offered by a portable air conditioner.A portable air conditioner can keep you cool in hot weather.

TheQuilo portable air conditioner will keep you cool and comfortable if it's hot outside.The portable air conditioner has a powerful cooling and dehumidification performance.

An air conditioner is bulky and noisy.A portable air conditioner is a great option for cooling your home.

The portable air conditioner can be wheeled from room to room, wherever you need optimal cooling results for the summer months.Instead of spending your hard-earned dollars on an expensive air conditioning unit that is permanently fixed to a window, an affordable portable air conditioner reduces energy consumption by cooling one room at a time.

There are two types of portable air conditioners: a basic unit that provides cool air and an air conditioner that also works as a dehumidifier.Dehumidifier mode is a great feature of most portable air conditioners.You can relax in a cool and comfortable environment if the humidity in the room is reduced by the dehumidifier.

A portable air conditioner's sound output level is indicated by decibels.There are portable air conditioners that operate at 52, 53, or 55 decibels.The operating levels for an air conditioner are very quiet.The room size and the air conditioner's cooling output can be used to determine the quietness level.

Different room sizes are cool with portable air conditioners.Medium-sized rooms from 350-450 feet, and larger rooms up to 600, 700, or 1,000-feet are available.

The set-up of a room can affect the level of cooling and quietness in the unit.Think about where you want to use the air conditioner.Does the room have an open-plan design with no doors or does it have a very high ceiling?

The level of air cooling output is measured by the British Thermal Unit.The air conditioner's thermal (heat) energy is measured using the unit rating.The range of portable air conditioners is 6,800-14,000 BTU.A 6,800-8,000 unit is very quiet but a 10,000 model can be loud in a small room.

A single exhaust hose is ideal for smaller rooms.A dual air conditioner may be noisier than a single exhaust hose model for a larger room.

A window kit can be used for a quick and easy setup.As per the instructions, install the exhaust hose or hoses to your window once you unpack the manufacturer's window kit.Plug in the air conditioner and enjoy the cool air.

The operational features of most portable air conditioners give you ultimate control over the level of cooling, dehumidification, and unit mobility.Features can include:

Enjoy optimal cooling results in hot and humid summer conditions with the Black+DECKER BPACT10WT portable air conditioner.

The quiet 51 dBA sleep mode makes the BLACK+DECKER portable air conditioner a good choice for the bedroom.

The temperature can be displayed in Celsius and you can choose from 3 fan speeds.You can use the remote control to operate the digital display and button control panel.

The air conditioner has a dehumidifier that reduces humidity to keep the air fresh.

It prevents the growth of nastybacteria in hot and steamy conditions and reduces mold in the air.There is no need to put water in a bucket from the unit if you use the automatic self-evaporating operation.

The portable air conditioner is easy to install in any room with the included window kit, which includes 3 panels that fit horizontal or vertical window openings.

The air conditioner is lightweight and portable, with carrying handles, 4 wheels, and a 7-feet long power cord.

The filter can be washed under running water and is easy to clean.

A 1-year warranty for labor and parts is offered by Black+DECKER.

It is an excellent choice for the home, office, cabin, or camper if you want fast, effective, and quiet cooling performance for rooms up to 330 square feet.

You have ultimate control over the level of cooling as the air conditioner has 3 cooling modes: cooling, dehumidification and fan only, as well as a 24 hour timer, a swing function, and a sleep mode.The temperature control is displayed in Celsius.The unit can dehumidify up to 61 gallons of water a day.

The proximity sensor in the remote adjusts the cooling temperature based on your distance from the air conditioners.This helps promote comfortable temperatures in areas that central AC can't reach.

You can easily access the settings with the easy-to-read digitalLED display and you can also use the remote control to adjust the temperature, operation mode, and the background light at night.

The window kit from Midea includes brackets that fit window openings from 26 to 48 inches, and a clip-on drainage hose that can be attached through hung and sliding windows.

The air conditioner's 4 easy-glide wheels make it easy to move the unit from room to room, because it has a slim space-saving design.

You can control your cooling with your voice thanks to the portable air conditioner that has a microphone and can be connected to a phone.The machine has an indicator light that tells you when it's time to remove the filter.It will be ready to use again if you wash it under water.

The DELLA portable air conditioner has a high performance 10,000 BTU cooling output and is built with smart self-evaporative cooling technology.The air conditioner can be used to reduce the humidity in the air.

The DELLA air conditioner has a low decibel rating so it's perfect for the bedroom, nursery, or home office.The air conditioner is designed to use less energy.

The control has three modes: cool, fan, and dehumidify.The up and down temperature buttons can be used to adjust the temperature.

The sleep mode can be set for quiet operation.You can use the remote control if you want on-demand cooling.The Water Full indicator will light up when the water is ready to be emptied.

When the unit is turned on, the louvers open automatically to distribute the air around the room.

Mobility from room to room has been made easy with the integrated handles.

Della has a window kit for a quick single exhaust hose setup to any window, as well as a drain hose and a washable filter.

If you want to cool a very small room like a bedroom or office, the sleek and modern Serenelife SLPAC8 Portable Air Conditioners is quiet and highly effective at providing cool, refreshing air.

The energy efficient air conditioner has a low power consumption design and is equipped with an automatic water Vaporization system, which will allow you to improve cooling without having to worry about running up a costly energy bill.

The control panel for the air conditioner is located on the top panel.The temperature can be displayed in Celsius and adjusted from 59-95F.

You can choose from 3 modes, AC cooling, dehumidifier, and fan, as well as 2 fan settings: low and high.Better air coverage over a wider area is promoted by the advanced moving vents.The remote control can be used for quick cooling.

If you have excess humidity in the air, the dehumidifier will keep you dry during the day and night.The replaceable and reuse filter can be washed.

A flexible exhaust vent hose is included in the universal quick-setup window mount exhaust kit.

The unit has caster wheels for easy mobility from room to room.

The sleek and stylish De' Longhi Portable Air Conditioner is a powerful but whisper-quiet 3-in-1 cooling unit that will make a perfect addition for any room up to 600 square feet.

You can control the level of cooling from the integrated front-facing illuminated sensor touch intuitive display.The remote control comes with batteries.

The control panel has 3 modes: cool, fan, and dehumidifier, plus 3 fan speeds and a 24 hour timer.You can control the direction of the air flow with smart motorized airflow control.

The Silent Technology of the air conditioner will not interfere with your sleep or disturb your daily activities.

The Bio Silver Filter helps reduce odors by preventing the growth of mold and mildew on the filter.

The unit is portable and comes with caster wheels and handles.

The no-drip technology automatically recycles condensation within the unit, so you don't have to worry about drips or leaks.

For rooms up to 450 square feet, theQuilo portable air conditioner provides a powerful and quiet cooling performance.

It is possible to cool down your apartment, office, and bedroom with the help of the Quilo.

TheQuilo has a 3-in-1 design which includes a cooling mode, a dehumidifier mode and a fan with 3 speeds: low, medium, and high.

There is a timer for instant cooling when you enter a room.The oscillating louvers can be used for optimal cooling results.All of this can be set with the soft-touch buttons on the control panel.

With the continuous drain function and auto-evaporation system, there is no need to empty buckets or drain water with the built-in dehumidifier.The attachable drain tube is included.

The portable air conditioner comes with an easy to use window kit which includes a flexible exhaust hose that can fit a horizontal or vertical window.

Smooth gliding wheels make it easy to move the air conditioner from room to room.The air conditioner has an easy to clean filter.

TheQuilo portable air conditioner is available in white or black.There is a 1-year warranty on the portable air conditioner.

The COSTWAY portable air conditioner will keep you cool when it's hot and humid.

As well as being very fast and effective at cooling a room up to 400 square feet, the COSTWAY conditioner also functions as an incredibly efficient dehumidifier that removes dampness and keeps you dry.You can use it in the bedroom because it has a quiet 52-56 dBA performance.

There is a lot to like about this portable air conditioner.It has a non-ozone-depleting system.The panel has touch-sensitive buttons.

It has a sleep mode and two fan speeds.The temperature can be displayed in Celsius and you can set the digital thermostat from 62 to 85F.You have more control over the unit with the 24 hour timer.An anti-freeze protection function is one of the bonus features.

You can use the control panel or sit back and relax, and the remote control will turn on all the functions.

The horizontal and vertical swing louvers keep the cool air moving around the room, or you can manually adjust them to a specific position.

The portable air conditioner has two drainage ports.You can choose between manual or continuous drainage.The premium timed air conditioner is designed with a highly efficient self-evaporative system which means you don't have to drain the unit as often.

Everything you need for quick installation is included in COSTWAY.The high position of the exhaust air outlet allows for easy assembly and quick exhaust vent, and the window kit includes a unique 59-inches exhaust pipe.The unit has a slide-out air filter.

The easy-to-roll caster wheels make it easy to move the air conditioner around a room.It has a sleek design.

A hot and humid room will be transformed into a cool and comfortable oasis with the Whynter ARC-14S dual hose portable air conditioner.

It is the perfect unit for your home or office because it is designed to cool a room up to 500 square feet.It can be loud in a small room, but it has a decent quietness level.

The air conditioner has a dehumidifier mode that can remove up to 71 gallons of water per day.

The fan can be programmed with any of the 3 settings; low, medium, and high, from the easy-to-access front-facing digital control panel or by using the fully functional remote.If you want to have ultimate control over the cooling, adjust the thermostatic temperature from 61-89F or use a 24 hour timer.The louvers can be adjusted manually.

This air conditioner has advanced features.It has a dual hose design with an extendable exhaust hose that allows for quicker draining in most environments.

It uses a patented auto drain technology that recycles water from the cooling process to produce cooler air.A carbon air filter keeps the air fresh and clean.A storage cover that protects the AC unit from dust and dirt can be used to store exhaust hose, window kit, remote control, and user manual.

The plastic window vent kit is included.The portable air conditioner and compressor are covered by a limited warranty.

TheQuilo portable air conditioner will keep you cool and comfortable if it's hot outside.The portable air conditioner has a powerful cooling and dehumidification performance.

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