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For the past 15 years, we have met and served our customers.The store is called Discount Drugstore & Souvenir Shop.There is a taxi ride from the Puerto Maya pier to the Carnival ships.Royal Caribbean and Celebrity dock at The International Pier.There is a waterfront between 6 and 8th Avenue.There is a well known Italian restaurant next to us.Taxi drivers are familiar with this restaurant.

I have been a customer of Cozumel Drugstore for over 8 years and it is the only pharmacy I use.I followed the business from the former location to the current one.They give me great customer service and will even have your order ready for you with advance notice.The owners speak English and Spanish.Their store is modern, clean and has some souvenir items so you can make this your one place to shop in Cozumel.

New places and friends are one of the great things about traveling to fun places.When we first traveled to Cozumel, it was the case.When we were in Cozumel in 2008 we asked our taxi driver where the best drugstore was and he said the Cozumel Drugstore & Souvenir Shop.We became friends with Bobbie and Fernando there and have been loyal customers ever since.They offer the best prices as well as service making it easy to shop for pharmaceuticals.