Rae Dawn Chong claims that she had sex with Mick Jagger.

He is a Canadian-American actor, writer, director, musician, cannabis rights activist and comedian.He is best known for his roles in Cheech & Chong and That '70s Show.He was naturalized as a United States citizen in the 1980's.

On May 24, 1938, Thomas B. Kin Chong was born.His father was a Chinese Canadian who came to Canada in the 1930s.After arriving in Canada, the senior Chong lived with his aunt.It was 5, 6 and 7.

Tommy Chong moved with his family to the conservative neighbourhood of "Dog Patch" when he was a child.He said that his father had been wounded in World War II and that there was a veterans' hospital in Canada.He raised his family on $50 a week after buying a house in Dog Patch."I dropped out of Crescent Heights High School when I was 16 but probably just before they were going to throw me out anyway," he said in an interview.He played the guitar to make money.Even if you were a scrawny, long-haired, geeky-looking guy like me, music could get you laid.[3]

By the early 1960s, he was a member of the Shades.The band changed their name to "Little Daddy & the Bachelors" when they moved to British Columbia."Too Much Monkey Business" is a single.The nightclub was opened by Chong and Bobby Taylor.They used to call it "Blue Balls".They brought in the Tina Turner show, which had never been to Canada before.Although Little Daddy & the Bachelors built up a small following, things soured when they went with Chong's suggestion and had themselves billed as " Four Niggers and a Chink" before taking on.[8]

Gordy Records is a subsidiary of Detroit's Motown Records.Their debut single, "Does Your Mama Know About Me," peaked at number 29 on the Hot 100.The band followed the Jackson 5 on tour in Chicago.The young Michael Jackson was referred to as a "cute little guy".After the band released two additional singles, they missed a Friday night performance to apply for green cards so they could become American citizens.Chris Clark and Johnny Bristol fired Chong because he was late for the gig.After Berry Gordy told him that he wasn't fired after all, he wanted to stay fired.I don't want to just work for a Berry Gordy, that's why I said I wanted to become one.I can dig that, he says.He was nice.He gave me a large sum of money as a severance.The group broke up after Chong tried to reduce the number of players covered by the contract.He intended that he, Taylor, and Henderson would comprise the group, while other members would be classified as sidemen and session artists.

Four of Cheech & Chong's comedy albums were nominated for aGrammy Award for best comedy album.He and Cheech Marin won the award for Los Cochinos.[2]

Four of the duo's films were directed by him, as well as co-writing and starring in all seven of them.[13]

The comedy act Cheech & Chong split in 1985 due to creative differences and Marin's desire to focus on a mainstream acting career.This was a difficult time for him.Trial and Error was redeveloped as a sitcom after he developed an unsold pilot for CBS.He wrote and starred in the movie Far Out Man.He did not act regularly until he was cast as the fun-loving, aging hippie "Leo" on That '70s Show.After he was released from jail, he returned to the series for the final two seasons.He played a hippie in Greg.

The character of the hyena in The Lion King was going to be voiced by Chong.Cheech Marin voiced Banzai.The character of Shenzi was changed to a female and voiced by Whoopi Goldberg.The character Yax was voiced by Chong in the Disney film.[15]

At the Toronto International Film Festival, Tommy Chong's film was shown.The documentary was written and directed by Josh Gilbert.He was prosecuted by the US Justice Department.Cheech Marin is one of the people featured in the project.In an episode of Franklin & Bash, Chong appeared as a judge.

One of the celebrities will be participating on the 19th season of Dancing with the Stars.Peta Murgatroyd is a professional dancer.Despite being at the bottom of the leader board many times, Chong and Murgatroyd were still able to make it to the semi-finals.The oldest contestant on the show made it to the semi-finals.There is a citation needed.

On April 4, 2015, Chong appeared as a guest speaker at the annual "Hash Bash" event in Ann arbor, Michigan, which focuses on cannabis legalization.[18]

In an episode of Out of the Park: USA, he played himself.The DHC Tommy Chong Signature Smoking Supply Box was created by Daily High Club.[20]

He was revealed as the Pineapple at the end of the second episode of The Masked Singer.[21]

The Joe Rogan Experience's episode #1303 was aired on May 23, 2019.[22]

The church of what's happening now was the topic of an episode of the internet video show.[23]

The New York Times Magazine listed Cheech & Chong as one of hundreds of artists whose material was destroyed in the Universal fire.[ 24]

On December 18, 2020, Chong appeared in The Green Fund for an interview to discuss his career with Cheech & Chong and his upcoming branded dispensaries.[25]

Two American investigations, code-named Pipe Dreams and Headhunter, tried to trace drug traffic and users through businesses selling drug paraphernalia, mostly bongs.Pittsburgh was the location of Operation Pipe Dreams.Mary Beth Buchanan was the US Attorney for Western Pennsylvania.The estimated cost of Operation Pipe Dreams was over $12 million and included the resources of 2,000 law enforcement officers.Nice Dreams was one of the companies that sold drug paraphernalia over the internet.

He was charged for his part in financing and promoting a company started by his son.His case never went to trial, as his attorney negotiated a plea agreement with the US Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania's Office.He admitted to distributing bongs and water pipes on the internet.In exchange for non-prosecution of his wife and son, Chong agreed to plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute drug paraphernalia.He was the first of the defendants to plead guilty.[26]

According to the Assistant U.S. Attorney for Western Pennsylvania, Tommy Chong marketed his products to children and used his public image to promote this crime.There are consequences for violating the law, even if the violator is a well-known entertainer, according to a statement released by the U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan.[26]

At his sentencing, the district judge denied his requests for community service and home confinement and sentenced him to 9 months in federal prison, a fine of $20,000, forfeiture of $103,000, and the loss of all merchandise seized during the raid of his business.From October 8, 2003 to July 7, 2004, Chong was at the Taft Correctional Institution.He was a cellmate of "The Wolf of Wall Street" Jordan Belfort, and he was given credit for encouraging him to write his memoirs.They have remained friends ever since.[28]

The events were chronicled in a documentary by Josh Gilbert.It won an award at the New York Film Forum.The main point of his book was his time in prison.

Government officials denied that Chong was treated differently from the other defendants, but his supporters felt his celebrity status was being used against him.Brandie Knight said that the family was shocked by the raid.Knight said the government is saying there is no right way.The "Free Tommy Chong!" was started by supporters.The movement called for his release.They wondered why he was prosecuted instead of his son, who was the CEO of the business.They protested the tactics used in the investigation, as well as the disparity in sentences between the defendants.[26]

Nice Dreams was started in 1999 by Paris Chong.As part of a plea bargain, he was never charged with his crimes.Mary Beth Buchanan said that Tommy Chong was the more responsible corporate officer because he financed and marketed the product.[26]

Of the 55 people who were subjects of the investigation, only one had previous convictions.Mary Beth Buchanan said that Chong had never gone to trial and made a plea bargain.She said that he had the ability to market products like no other.[30]

During its investigation of Nice Dreams, federal agents posed as head-shop owners.Paris Chong was asked to sell them pipes through the mail to a shop in the town of Beaver Falls, which is 31 miles from Pittsburgh.Due to the federal prosecution of the two head shops in the city, Paris Chong was not allowed to sell to Pittsburgh or anywhere in Western Pennsylvania.The sales of Nice Dreams took place to the agents, even if it had been made up by the defense.This allowed the U.S. Attorney to show jurisdiction in Pennsylvania for Chong's illegal activities, as opposed to California, which was the base for Nice Dreams.[26]

The Marijuana-Logues was to be a parody of The Vagina Monologues.He was barred from the show by his parole officer because audience members were smoking pot.Exposure would cause him to violate the terms of his parole.A memoir about his experiences in jail and his exploration of meditation was published in 2006 by Chong.

The campaign against Mary Beth Buchanan, the United States Attorney who prosecuted him, was aided by Chong and Cyril Wecht.She was running as a Republican.She was defeated in the Republican primary.

Federal agents raided Spectrum Labs on May 7, 2008, in relation to its "detoxification" products.Buchanan is still the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania.The companies were targeted because they sold products that helped drug users pass drug tests.The products are regulated on a state-by-state basis.None of the search warrants were issued for businesses in Buchanan's district.[33]

According to their attorney, no DVDs were taken when federal agents seized 8,000–10,000 copies of the yet-to-be released documentary, a/k/a Tommy Chong, from Spectrum Labs.According to a press release, the seizure of the DVDs is a way to punish the distributor financially.There is no way to get the DVDs back.He said he didn't own the film.The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette changed its story to say that an "undisclosed number of DVDs was taken".As the raid was part of an ongoing investigation, the government is not required to give a reason for the seizure.[33]

In a 2000 South Park episode, Chong and Cheech Marin appeared together.

Cheech & Chong started touring in the summer of 2008.The tours were called Light Up America and Canada and The Felimony Tour.They were on the Ron and Fez Show and the Opie and Anthony Show.On March 1, 2010, they were in Oklahoma City.On March 13, 2011, Cheech & Chong were guest stars on The Simpsons episode "A Midsummer's Nice Dream", where, during a reunion tour, Homer briefly replaced Chong before the pair reconciled.

The season opener of Dancing with the Stars had Cheech Marin in it.The Internet-based show, Getting Doug with High, was hosted by Cheech and Chong.

The couple married in Canada in 1960.She is of Cherokee and Black Canadian descent.They had two daughters, Rae Dawn.His previous girlfriends were Gail Lewis and Robbi Chong.The year 1965,They divorced in 1970.

The couple wed in Los Angeles in 1975.They had three children.Gilbran was born in 1974Precious Chong is a daughter.In 1968.Marcus Wyatt was adopted by the couple in 1978.Rae Dawn, Robbi, Marcus, Paris, and Precious Chong have all pursued acting careers.Push... One Mother of a Show was produced in Toronto in May 2011.[35]

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