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Since they opened, I have been a regular zappos shopper.If I receive them at all, I’m pretty much guaranteed to get them late because they use Amazon shipping 80% of the time.My packages have been misdelivered by Amazon.

I should have known that the shoes I ordered were from China.I ordered a US Size 12 and the shoes I received were barely a Size 10.When I asked for a refund or exchange, they said that their own estimates on size are completely different from everyone else, and that they had sent the Size ordered.The company’s care team was great in helping me to return the cobras back to the company.

Excellent customer service.I had issues with a few of the shoes I bought there.They were able to resolve my issues.

I didn’t want to support Amazon so I ordered from Zappos.Guess what Amazon does for shipping?A load of Crap!

Excellent company, fast delivery, friendly customer service representatives.Good company ethics.New shoes were sent out within 4 days after they picked up the wrong size shoes.Couldn’t ask for a better experience.

Customer service is exceptional.Their products are of the highest quality.I don’t think they sell stuff.I love free shipping both ways.Each year, I buy 1-2 pairs of shoes, sandals or athletic sneakers there.There are the best choices around.It was worth every penny.

I don’t like zappos until I have a return.It takes nearly 2 weeks for returns to be credited back to your account.Macy’s and Amazon are better with returns.

Although I was billed for the shoes I ordered, I never received confirmation.They had an old business email that I found after several calls and texts.The person with whom I spoke said that he would take care of it, after I requested that they update the email.After many texts, emails, and messages, each one requested the same information, including the charge card digits.It turned out that my request seemed very complicated to the people I was in touch with.I canceled the order and billed for it.

It’s always a great experience.I have been a customer for a long time.I have problems with my feet so their quick ship and easy returns are great.

I’ve owned authentic boots for a long time.I opened my delivery.I could see that they didn’t look right.The box looked like it came from China, not a Hunter box.I am sending the company back because they used to be good, but I couldn’t get my foot in it.

All talk and no action.You should kiss it goodbye if you have a return.They give out customer service emails and don’t do anything.Never again.

What happened to the company I loved?Free shipping is no longer a thing of the past since they are with Amazon.I shopped with them because of their amazing shipping.I have been waiting for my shoes for a week.Thanks to Amazon.

They keep telling me they have refunded me but have’nt, and their proof is a line of text in an email.

Go to Amazon if you’re thinking of zappos.The product uses Amazon fulfillment.If a package is lost, you have control over it with Amazon.Customer service from Zappos is not helpful.