Rolling and Shaving Bats is Illegal, Here’s Why

Readers are supported by Bat Digest.We may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site.You can learn more.

Readers are supported by Bat Digest.We may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through links on our site.You can learn more.

We discuss the reasoning behind our answer below, but there are some arguable exceptions.Most of the deals are found on eBay with searches like this.

The bat rolling process brings a bat to peak performance.The barrel is compressed by mechanical rollers built within a type of vice.The fibers in the barrel are loosened by this compression.The trampoline effect at impact is created by the barrel becoming more easily compressed.Rolling is a proven theory.

Rolling will shorten the lifespan of your bat.It’s hard to recognize a rolled bat.

The inside of a barrel is thinner than the outside.The bat has a trampoline effect.It lowers the bat’s swing weight.The removal of an end cap is needed to shave a bat.The bat is lighter and likely contains more trampoline effect than is allowed.

The lifespan of your bat can be shortened by shaving it.Durability is seriously compromised.

The altering of your bat is subject to strict requirements in most leagues.Companies that offer bat rolling or shaving don’t mention them.If you want to learn the whole story, take for example the language in the National Federation of High Schools.

It is difficult to make a case for rolling your bat for a league like High School or Little League.Rolling a bat doesn’t alter the bat for performance’s sake according to those who justify the process.Bat rolling speeds up the process of breaking a bat in.They claim that rolled bats do not violate bat standards.Bat rolling is the process by which those who test the bat for approval work in a bat.It was fair enough.

Most leagues default to the rules outlined by the High School and Little League associations.The intent of the rule is to prevent bat rolling.There is a device used to enhance performance.

Proponents of bat rolling argue that performance is not enhanced.That is fair.Rolling is a mechanical operation applied to the bat for an unfair advantage.We are comfortable with the fact that others read it differently.

Bat rolling is considered to be illegal by most in the bat testing industry.They roll bats to test them for legality.There are enough bat rolling services and devices on the market to suggest that many don’t care if it’s doesn’t roll our bats.

It is not illegal to roll your bat according to some bat manufacturers.If you do so, others claim your warranty is void.

We can’t make a case that shaving is legal.The altering of the bat for performance is what shaving is.The rules do not allow that process.

If your odds of getting caught are a factor in your decision to have your bat shaved, beware.The chances are high, as end caps are adjusted and a significant amount of bat weight is removed in shaving, both features that are easy to spot and feel.

There are serious legal ramifications for players using shaved bats.Imagine hitting a third baseman in the head or a pitcher on a come-backer with a shaved bat.You can expect your personal liability to go up a lot.The NFHS has a recommendation on that.

Changing your bat through shaving is against the law at JustBatReviews.It is unfair and potentially dangerous.

Many leagues don’t seem to care about modified bats.Home run derby’s and exhibition matches might encourage the idea.Rolling is not a terrible idea in those instances.The bat does not exceed performance limits, just reaching them sooner.This will shorten the usable life of your bat.

We can’t make a legitimate case that shaving is recommendable.The league’s rules and enforcement of them have no bearing on your personal liability for creating a hot bat.

If a player is hurt from a hit off your shaved bat, you can expect serious legal liabilities.

If you think home run derby’s won’t be used in games and tournaments, you are delusional.They would put stickers on to say that they have been changed.Bat rolling should be illegal once it leaves the factory.A guy who goes out and hits and does everything he can to break in his bat and works on his mechanics should have a better bat than a mentally weak guy.Don’t look at it from a seller’s point of view.

Rolling shouldn’t be illegal.It doesn’t enhance it at all by getting bat at its full potential.My child has skills.He does not need to hit 400 times.His old bat has a lot of hits on it.He shouldn’t swing a brand new bat 400 times just to break in when he can get a new one.rolling breaks bat in evenly not just where ball contacts batI agree with john that breaking a new glove is ready for play.