Salmon calories in 100g, oz, single piece, steak, and more.

Starf calories per ounce are based on the number of calories in an ounce.

The salmon has over 200 calories.One salmon has calories per ounce.

For calculation, we assumed 2400 kcal daily intake for an adult with medium weight and activity.

If you want to see how much it is, take into account the calories amount from fillet salmon.:

You need to bike 59 minutes, swim 49 minutes and run 42 minutes to burn calories.

Check the comparison of salmon with other products.

The fillet has over 400 calories.There are two salmon that have about 832 calories and three salmon with about 1248 calories.The table below shows calories for four and five salmon.

The Salmon has 20.42 gProtein per 100g.When you multiplay this value with the weight of the fish, you can see that you will get about 40.8 g ofProtein.

A 100g of salmon has 13.42 g fat.It is easy to count the amount of fat in the fillet.

You can see how salmon compares to other products in the charts below.You will get a detailed look at the product when you click on it.