Sears is located in Meriden, Connecticut at theMeriden Mall.

You can find more information about values and deals at your local store.Sears has provided great products and service for over 100 years.Sears has a huge range of products.Sears has many brands within its Stores, including well-known house brands such as Craftsman and Diehard.Customers will find variety, customer satisfaction and excellent service at any Sears Store.

Surprisingly nice looking Sears!Staff were around and the items were neat.Not a ghost town like some of the other Sears have been reported online.

The sales guy who helped me was great and probably made one of the biggest commissions on the day.When I spent 3.5 hours in the store, picking out, measuring, and comparing costs for my new fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer, he was knowledgeable and helpful.I am pretty happy with the appliances I picked out.There is a problem with their delivery service.They don’t know if an item is out of stock until the day of delivery.I just bought a house with no appliances and I wanted to tell you about it.I got my fridge and dishwasher as planned.When I bought my washer and dryer, they were out of stock and had a later delivery date.I had to go without a washer/dryer for a month, but I thought I would just use a laundry mat and deal with it.Laundry mats are dirty, smelly, and expensive in my area.I said never again after one trip.The day of my delivery arrived quickly.It was awful when we ran out of underwear and towels.Real talk!I got a call that my dryer wasn’t ready for delivery.I had to wait until the next Monday for my dryer to be available because they don’t do partial deliveries, but my washer was.I said okay after I sucked it up.Next Monday arrives.The dryer is out of stock.I had to wait for both because they don’t do partial deliveries.I lost my cool on the phone.I don’t like “shooting the messenger” but this was ridiculous.They were going to deliver my washing machine so I could air-dry my essentials until I got my dryer, I told them I didn’t care about their policy.I spent 3.5 hours picking out this one and it’s probably one of the best they offer.It matches my washer.They agreed to deliver my washer the next day.I’m taking three days off of work for this delivery that has been pushed back several times and I still don’t have a dryer.They gave me a faulty hose after I used the washer.There was a lot of water on my floor.I went to Sears to get a new hose, but we installed it ourselves.It was a lot for paying for installation.What a rip off!I’ve lived with hanging my clothes for a month and I am really looking forward to my dryer being delivered today, which I already called and confirmed three times, because I feel like I can’t trust Sears to be transparent.I am filled to the brim with worry because I don’t know if A, B, and C will work out.You should save yourself from the torment.You can either buy it at the Outlet store or take it home.It will be worth it if you spend $60 on a truck.I plan on writing a letter to Executive Relations, but thought I would let my peers know about the experience so they wouldn’t have to go through it themselves.Good luck!

The school was raising money for breast cancer awareness.I went to check if the local store had any in stock after I saw that Sears had a nice selection online.The overall selection of clothing was cheap and limited.I am not happy with the customer service.I went to the counter and asked if they had something.It was a men’s shirt.”Breast cancer awareness for men” is the first thing the sales lady says.It was very sarcastic.I’m sorry, but the ignorant made me angry.They didn’t check the computer to see if the item was there, they just said no.Men can get breast cancer.They can support the fight just like anyone else.I am appalled by her comment.I was asked if I wanted to order it online.Nope, I will take my business somewhere else.Very disappointed.!

I have never been to a store like that.It is dirty and run down.Not a lot of choices.I had to talk to three different employees before I found one that spoke English.There were so many disgusting things in the bathroom.Never coming back again.