Should a born and bred New Yorker move to Ottawa or Vancouver

Should a born and bred New Yorker move to Ottawa or Vancouver

“Move to?” What have you been smoking?Canadian marijuana?You, as an American, can not “move to” any place in Canada.

First, you immigrate, then you move.To be accepted you MUST get 450 points or more.How many did you get?

Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) tool: skilled immigrants (Express Entry) Not 450?Sorry, Canada does not want you.

It all depends on if you enjoy the cold or not.If you do, then by all means go!New York City is getting worse and worse every year.

Among the increase in taxes, rent, tolls, crowds and filth, you are much better off in Canada.You get fresh, clean air, healthcare and more for your money.Not to mention, the people are nice and you won’t have to deal with thousands of rude, inconsiderate morons on your daily commute.

If the situation is right and the financials make sense, why not?I used to be one of those New Yorkers who thought of never leaving, however, the cost of living plus stagnant wages are making it harder for born and bred New Yorkers to live comfortably.If you can make that happen elsewhere, I’m all for it.

Tough call.Vancouver has a denser downtown than Ottawa, better restaurants, and of course the mountains and oceans.

Ottawa is colder in winter than Vancouver but is way more affordable