Should I apply to Ryerson University or Simon Fraser University

Should I apply to Ryerson University or Simon Fraser University

Make a comparison list.For everything that appeals to you about one school, research to see if the other offers any equivalent.Do some online investigating to see what alumni from your program in either school might go on to do.

What kinds of internships does each school offer in your field?If you’re looking at international placements, which schools are affiliated with each?How do all of these factors align with your goals?

If your career goals are uncertain and you’re more focused on the university/city experience, research both.Look into clubs, extracurriculars, and additional training opportunities.Find out what neighborhoods students live in, what the respective cities offer, and create a hypothetical picture of what your daily life might look like.

From a pragmatic angle, figure out your projected monthly living costs with each option, and see if that has a bearing on your decision.What are your options for living on campus, or off campus?Your network is also a consideration: do you have family or friends in either city?

(This is more important to some than others, depending on your personality.)In the end, I would recommend what I did when I had to choose between schools – apply for both and see what happens.The outcome might make the decision for you.

Maybe you’ll get accepted to one or the other.Maybe you’ll get one first, and it’ll feel right – or maybe you’ll suddenly realize that you’re more interested in waiting for the other.Maybe as you research more, one of your back-up schools will grow on you more than either option.

You can picture all the possible situations, but sometimes it doesn’t click into place until it actually happens.