Should I attend Durham University UK or McGill University Canada for economics Why

Should I attend Durham University UK or McGill University Canada for economics Why

Dear fellow, I attend McGill’s Desautels – Faculty of Management (but I think you can also apply for economics within the Arts department).In terms of international recognition, McGill is more renowned.It ranked 32nd worldwide whilst Durham ranked 78th.

Now, I haven’t attended Durham; therefore, I will enumerate a few benefits that come with studying at McGill.A truly international set of students and alumni which is very important for networking and fun for making friends.I believe that 1/3 of students came from abroad, 1/3 came for the English speaking parts of Canada and 1/3 comes from the French speaking province of Quebec.

You’ll meet a ton of charming people.That is certain.The economics program are very demanding at McGill.Even more so if you aim for the Honours Degree in Economics.

Completing such a degree does mark you as one of the best.It’s not for everyone, but if you can manage it, it opens every door.McGill will definitely be cheaper overall than attending anything in the U.K. Montreal is not an expensive city.Here are the main advantages of studying at McGill; i’m sure there are a lot more.In the other hand, I’m sure Durham has a great deal to offer too.

I simply don’t know enough about it.

Hi, I’m not sure why you’re considering just these two universities, surely you must’ve already gone through a process of selection to arrive at this rather interesting pairing of universities.My thoughts are in line with the other answer but just the other way around.I have experienced Durham, not McGill, so I can provide you with a little bit more insight the other way, to aid your decision making process.

First things first, just aim to do your undergraduate and don’t focus too much on anything else at this stage.It is certainly good to have some idea of what you’ll do afterwards, yet you may want to start forming your thoughts on that during your final year when you have experienced academic study so your thoughts will be more formed based on actual experience.Secondly, Durham is relatively inexpensive compared to the rest of the UK.

It’s business school is triple accredited and offers a great opportunity to learn a lot on subjects you find of interest.There is a wide ranging international student body within Durham and lots of extracurricular activity that you can take part in.As only one of three universities in England that work through a college system, you’ll get to know students within your college pretty quickly, it also helps by providing a ‘home from home’ with dedicated tutors and assigned supervisory support arrangements.

My question is, what would you like to get out of your ‘one time’ experience as an undergraduate?If you have (even a vague) idea of this, that’ll help make a decision.If you’re able to, there is no substitute for actually visiting both McGill and Durham and experience the setting and location.

It’s a big decision and it’s very good to see you are clearly thinking through it in more detail.