Should I do a road trip to Quebec or Toronto

Should I do a road trip to Quebec or Toronto

It depends what you seek.If you want to truly feel in a foreign country, go to Québec, obviously.You would get a more European vibe indeed, in Montréal certainly, but in Québec city indubitably since unlike Montréal it even kept its actual walls.

If you are into history, it’s obvious you will get much more 17th and 18th century history in Québec.There are bars everywhere of course but anglos might not be a common sight in all of them, depending on where you go.There is one bar I know however that gets a lot of foreigners from all around the world, the M bar on la rue Saint-André in Montréal, despite it is on the French side of the city.

Toronto is a big city.You would be in a much more familiar environment.

It depends where you are from and what you mean by Quebec.Are you talking about the city or the province?I’m going to assume the city because you can’t compare a city to a province.

In general Toronto is a big multicultural city.It’s like New York, but smaller and more diverse.So if you’re from New York your experience wouldn’t be so unique in Toronto, but if you’re from a rural place where everybody is the same ethnicity as you, it can be mind blowing.

Quebec on the other hand while smaller and more homogeneous, has a lot of history, probably the most of any city in North America.You can spend a lot of time walking around and just enjoying the sights of the old city.It’s quite a bit like Europe in that regard.

It really has a massive European vibe going on.

Montreal, Quebec if you want to party in a semi-European vibe, eat poutine and see beautiful women everywhere.

Toronto if you want to check out awesome micobrews, hang out with exceptionally friendly people, and laugh about mayor Rob Ford’s antics.