Should I visit Toronto Canada in the winter

Should I visit Toronto Canada in the winter

Right now, only if you like winter.There is almost two feet of snow, and it’s going to be dismally cold for the rest of the week.Of course you never know what you are going to get; up until last week the temperature was above freezing.

There is always stuff to do indoors; the art gallery, the Royal Ontario Museum, Ripley’s Aquarium; on a sunny day, you can still visit the CN Tower.There are great restaurants and neighbourhoods; if you like outdoors stuff, the island is gorgeous in the snow and the trip across on the ferry is a treat, especially if the harbour is partially frozen (the fire boat cuts a lane for the ferry through the ice).The view of the downtown Toronto from the ferry or from the island is stunning, especially on a sunny day.

There are skating rinks, malls, small art galleries, shopping areas (Yorkville, Queen West, Danforth, the Beach).

If you’re from a place with a temperate or warmer climate it might not be the best idea, transit can be really slow but just rent an Uber or another service.Last week the temperature reach -31° celsius (with wind chill) but the norm usually is around -1° to -10° or so.That being said there is a lot to do in Toronto in the winter; ice skating, winter festivals, food from all around the world, concerts and the scenery is beautiful for pictures.

Toronto is a really great city, but if you aren’t prepared for extreme cold and lots of snowstorms and blizzards, I would wait until summer.There are also lots of festivals in the summer, and nearby attractions like Canada’s Wonderland are closed in the winter.If you want to come to Canada in Winter, I would instead go to Quebec.

They have lots of fun winter attractions, like the Ice Hotel, and lots of people enjoy visiting there.

If you come to anywhere in Canada during the winter, you had better enjoy outdoor winter activities, which we have in abundance.

Otherwise, the only thing really special in the Southern Ontario area is how the ice forms around Niagara Falls

Do you like your car taking 30 minutes to warm up in the morning ?Overcrowded transit systems and excessive highway traffic ?What about 2 feet of snow and Ice?

If you love the cold weather then yes



Visit in the spring, summer, or fall, unless you like a lot of snow and cold.