Stay strong with the flu.

Every time the flu season starts, you hear the same rules: get lots of rest, and stay hydrated.Since the human body is mostly water, we need plenty of fluids to keep ourselves in top shape, especially when dealing with the flu.There are a few tips and suggestions to help you along the way to recovery.

Step 1: You can get your fluids from food and drinks.

Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day and eat lots of hydrating foods to keep you hydrated.Clear liquids, like water, can be a little easier to digest at first.

Step 2: It is possible that drinking too much at once will lead to more vomiting.

There is no need to rush.Rehydrating at a slow, steady pace feels manageable for you.It might be easier to eat ice chips or ice pops.

Step 3: When you get the flu, drinking water is the best thing to do.

As you get better from the flu, water helps you stay hydrated and nourished.Fresh fruits and veggies, like strawberries, cucumbers, or lemon slices, can be infused with water if you aren’t a fan of regular water.

Step 4: If your stomach is upset, sip drinks will not be appealing.

Suck on some ice chips instead of pouring water.You don’t have to worry about upsetting your stomach if you focus on rehydrating.

Step 5: Hot drinks can help relieve congestion.

As you sip the drink, breathe in the steam and brew a cup of your favorite beverage.The steam will loosen the mucus in your nose.

Step 6: Go ahead and pour a cup of ginger brew.

If you want to stay hydrated, sip on the drink once it is no longer fizzy.

Step 7: Drinks like Pedialyte are meant to replenish your body fluids.

While water is the best option, experts agree that oral rehydration solutions like Pedialyte can also get the job done.You can make your own oral rehydration mixture at home.If you want to make your own homemade Pedialyte, you’ll need 1 US quart (0.95) L, 12 salt and 25 grams of sugar.

Step 8: Juice is too sweet.

If you want to fill a glass halfway with fruit juice, fill the other half with water.Younger kids are more likely to stay hydrated if they drink juice.

Step 9: You can increase your sodium levels with soup and Broth.

As an electrolyte, sodium helps keep fluids in your body as you recover from the flu.If you are on a low-sodium diet, soup may not be a good option.

Step 10: Change up your hydration schedule with fruit-based popsicles.

If your treat is made with fruit juice, you can enjoy the hydrating benefits.

Step 11: Dehydration can be made worse by intoxication and alcohol.

Some people think that these drinks make their symptoms worse.Dehydration can be made worse by drinks like alcohol and coffee.

Step 12: There are some symptoms of a high pulse.

You may feel lightheaded after using the restroom.Drink more fluids if you notice any of the signs.