Storage unit size guide, extra space storage, and 10×20 storage unit.

Public Storage provides 10×20 storage units.We have a variety of sizes and units for you to choose from.Our 10×20 large self storage units are great for long term storage.

A total of 200 square feet of storage space can be found in our 10×20 storage units.The ceiling height of our 10×20 units can vary by location, but many of them have an 8-foot ceiling that provides up to 1,600 square feet of storage space.The property manager at your nearest Public Storage facility can give you specific storage unit dimensions.

Depending on your local storage facility, each storage unit has a different appearance.A standard one-car garage is about the size of a 10×20 storage unit.

The unique dimensions of the storage building and the amenities you choose will affect the appearance of your 10×20 storage unit.We offer a variety of indoor, outdoor and climate controlled units, as well as drive-up units that look a little different.

The unit offerings at your local Public Storage facility can be different depending on the community.We have local storage buildings in thousands of communities across the country, so you will never be too far away from a 10×20 climate controlled storage unit.Climate controlled storage units help to take the edge off the weather, providing a little added comfort for your visits.

A 10×20 storage unit can hold up to five rooms of space.There are larger items that fit inside these units.Large quantities of boxes or outdoor equipment can be stored in 10×20 storage units.

Most cars and trucks can be stored in a 10×20 storage unit.We don’t recommend parking your car in a self storage unit.We have 10×20 vehicle storage units that include enclosed, first-floor units as well as covered and uncovered parking options.A 10×20 vehicle storage unit is designed for both short- and long-term car storage.

Before renting a storage unit, check with your local storage facility.Dedicated vehicle storage is available for almost anything with wheels, whether you need space for the family RV or just a weekend spot for your classic car.

Our 10×20 large storage units are great for multi-room homes, so this sized unit would work well for storing the contents of a three-bedroom home.If you are in the process of moving, remodeling or building a new home, these units are great.

Taking the time to pack properly will allow you to get the most out of your storage unit.You can take advantage of every square foot if you pack your belongings thoughtfully.