Stuart Little’s “Not Bad for a House Cat” is available on FandomSnowbell.

Do-Gooder is a full name for Snowbell.Stuart’s best friend (in the film) Powers/Frederick is the henchman of SnowHouse CatTinker Bell.Help Stuart and his family by being mean to Stuart in the first film.Little, George, Martha, Monty, Will Powell, Reeko, The Angora Cat, Red, and Unnamed Gray Cat are all related to Stuart and Mrs. Little.

Stuart’s best friend is in the film.

Sleeping, helping others, having fun with Stuart, and spending time with Monty.Being mean to Stuart in the first film.

The main antagonist of the Stuart Little novel is Snowbell.

He was voiced by Nathan Lane, who also played Timon in The Lion King franchise.

Snowbell has been in the Little family longer than George, so little is known about his past.Monty is a pearl white Persian cat who has many cat friends.Stuart is one of the family members he is very protective of.

Snowbell lunged to eat Stuart after he arrived at the Littles’ house.Frederick told Snowbell that he shouldn’t eat Stuart after Stuart’s parents yelled at him to spit Stuart out.While seeing Stuart getting gifts and love from the family, he and a mob of cats hire two mice to pass of as Stuart’s biological parents.

Stuart was lied to when he found out that the family was having fun while he was gone.Stuart went into a deep depression after this hurt him.

Snowbell, feeling guilty, decided to call off the assassination when the cats found Stuart, but it was too late.Snowbell finally sees the error of his ways and apologizes to Stuart, saves him, and stops the mob.