Taxis are a good way to use.

Taxi cabs are a quick and efficient way to travel in a big city.It can be hard to know what to expect when riding in a taxi.You can have an enjoyable experience if you know what to say and do.You can learn how to hail and communicate with your cabbie, and keep yourself safe while in a cab.

Step 1: Go to the edge of the street and look for a cab.

Stand at the edge of the sidewalk away from oncoming cars when you're ready to hail a taxi.At a street corner with great visibility, it's a good idea to make sure you're there.You will get a taxi quicker if you make it easy for drivers to see you.Stand on the side of the road.

Step 2: Keep an eye out for the taxi's sign.

There is a sign on the roof that indicates if a cab is occupied.Taxi signs that are not occupied will light up if they are ready for service.There are different signs based on the area.Ask a local if you don't know what the cab signs mean.

Step 3: Raise your hand in the air.

Do not wave your hand.To be picked up, raise your hand firmly and confidently.Keep raising your hand until the taxi pulls over.Once you have caught the driver's attention, return to the curb and wait for them to park.

Step 4: Make eye contact with the driver.

When your driver stops, approach the taxi and make eye contact.You can tell the driver your destination if you open the backseat door.If you want to communicate with them clearly, you should have your address ready.It's possible that you and your taxi driver don't speak the same language.They know where to take you if you write down your address.

Step 5: You can find a taxi stand if you can't find an empty taxi.

Taxi stands are places where cab drivers wait for passengers.Stand in line with other people.Let the driver know where you want to go when you approach the taxi.Taxi stands can be found in airports, hotels, and popular tourist attractions.Cabs working with taxi stands have to be authorized by the stand company.

Step 6: Instead of hailing a cab, call for one.

If you can't find a taxi in your area, look online for a local cab company.Give the taxi company your current address when you call them after finding their number.Wait outside until your cab arrives, and let the cabbie know where you want to go.During times of high traffic, call the taxi company 15-20 minutes before you plan to leave.Some cab companies are not available 24/7.Before you call, make sure to check their company policies.

Step 7: If you want a quicker service, download a cab- hailing app.

Taxis are available in most cities.You can download one for your city.Your cabbie knows where to pick you up if your phone's location-sharing services are on.Until your taxi driver arrives, stay where you are.You can pay via the app with your credit card.

Step 8: Food and drinks must be kept at a minimum.

Inquire about the food and drink policies of your driver.Don't eat or drink if they have a no eating or drinking policy.Taxi drivers prefer a strict policy to prevent spills.Passengers drinking from open alcohol containers is against the law in many areas.As smells linger in cars, don't bring stinky foods into the taxi.Before you leave the cab, take any wrappers or trash with you.

Step 9: If drivers are asked to take on more passengers than they have room for, don't do it.

Don't ask the cabbie to accommodate more than three people when traveling in a group.A seat belt is required for every passenger.If you hit more people than the taxi has room for, it can get you in trouble.If you have more than four people, split into several groups.

Step 10: When talking to a driver, be courteous.

Be kind and agreeable to your driver.Let them know if you're tired or not talking.Most of the time, your driver will give you space.If traffic puts you behind schedule and you insult the taxi driver, do not do it.Don't ask your taxi driver to speed or break the law.Driving recklessly endangers their employment status and is an important component of their job.

Step 11: Leave a tip for us.

It is polite to tip a cabbie.If your driver was helpful, you can give more than the standard 20 percent.If you hailed a taxi at night, pay extra attention to tipping because it's a common time for passengers to forget.

Step 12: Ask the local what taxis are like.

Taxis in a city often have the same make and color.Taxis in New York City are often yellow so city-goers can see them from a distance.Taxis inMunich are sleek and cream-colored.Taxis in London and Japan are black.A unique-looking taxi isn't necessarily cause for alarm, but you may want to check other indicators of authenticity, like a meter or your driver's ID Badge.

Step 13: You should look for a radio or meter.

The meter is used to determine the charge for authorized taxis.The meter is usually located near the driver's seat or on the hood of the cab.Taxis have radios to take calls.Do not get in the car if you can't see a radio or meter.Taximeters are hard to spot in new car models.Ask your cabbie to point it out if you're not sure.

Step 14: You need to check for your driver's ID Badge.

Most countries require taxi drivers to display their ID badges.The company they work for should have their name and photo on their badges.The ID badges will be visible inside the video.If this isn't the case, ask your driver to show you their ID.If they refuse, don't enter the car.

Step 15: Your bags should be kept close to you.

Taxi drivers may try to steal.Don't put your bags in the trunk.If there is room, keep them on the floor by your feet.Make sure you know where your expensive items are at all times.

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