The 11 best dart boards to buy in 2021 were reviewed.

If you are choosing the best dart board for home use, you will most likely ask, “What dartboard do professionals use?”

You should have the best dart board in your game room.They are affordable.

Here are the dart boards used by professionals in tournaments.All of the boards have been approved by professional darts organizations.These are the best dart boards for home use.

If you are just starting, you may want to read our buying guides.If you want to save money, check out our list of the best electronic dartboards.

One of the most popular brands in dart board manufacturing is Winmau.The British Darts Organization endorsed this board so that you can feel comfortable playing on the same type of board that professionals use to compete.

The Blade 5 technology is 20% thinner than the Blade 4.Less chance for the dart to bounce off the wire means more reward for good shots.dart boards have wire framing on them.It is necessary to define one scoring area from the other, but there is a chance that a well thrown dart could be knocked off the board by the wire.A good throw rewards a thinner wire.

The steel on this board is stronger and it contributes to less bounce outs.

It comes with a triple wheel lock and level system that makes it easy to level the board regardless of the surface.

This attention to detail and well built construction is what makes the Winmau Blade 5 my top pick among professional dart boards.

The world Dart Federation has a sanctioned dartboard.In 1999 it was the official world cup dartboard.The dartboard design is classic and will appeal to dart throwers of all levels.

The extremely thin wire of this board greatly reduces bounce outs.Like the Winmau, it uses high grade sisal fiber to prevent bounce outs on well thrown darts.The outer wire has the numbers.If you use the board a lot, it can come in handy if some sections begin to show wear.

It has a black bulls-eye with a red outer bulls eye, rather than the red-green combination found on many boards.That has no effect on the game.

The Nodor SupaMatch2 is endorsed by the National Darts Federation of Canada.Nodor has a great reputation in dart making and is endorsed by two major North American darts organizations.

The quality and features of this one are very similar to the DMI Bandit.It has a more traditional look which may sway your opinion.

The bristle dart boards were invented over 90 years ago by Nodor.They claim that their wiring system is the most advanced in the world.I am not sure how to measure how advanced a steel wire is, but I will say that it looks as thin or thinner than the other boards I looked at, so maybe they are right.

The Nodor SupaMatch 2 is a high quality board that will likely last a long time.

There are certain things you want to look for when choosing a dart board, whether you choose one of the boards on this list or not.The most important are here.

You want a board that will last.

bristle dart boards are the best.The bristle boards are made from compressed sisal fibers.Some cheaper boards might be made of cork, but they wear out much faster and result in more bounce outs, even on well thrown darts.

Stick with the bristle boards.If you want to save money with a cork board, you have to replace them when they wear out.

This and the board material go hand in hand.You want a dart board that won’t let darts fall out and will last as long as possible.If you notice that it is harder to get a dart to stick in the board, it’s time to replace it.

The metal rings around the board are formed by the wire.There is no arguing over which section the dart landed in with the wire.It has to be on one side of the wire.

Thinner wire is generally what better boards come with.The dart can fall off the board if it hits the wire.The chance of the dart sticking in the board is increased by the fact that some boards have wire that is specifically designed to keep it out of one side or the other.

It can make a big difference if you want a professional dart playing experience.Special mounting systems on dart boards make it easier to level the board.