The 80s Girls had a question about Fried Green Tomatoes – what does Towanda mean?

Idgie refers to Towanda as an “Amazon woman” and introduces her at least once as “Towanda”, which is a reference to the character in “Fried Green Tomatoes.”

The word “Towanda” is an important part of the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”.

Idgie yelled “Towanda to you” when she jumped from the train with Ruth.

Idgie yelled “Towanda, the amazing Amazon woman” after he rescued Ruth from her abusive husband.

Evelyn is in the parking lot.She waits because she sees a spot opening up.When Evelyn told the two young women out the window that she was waiting, one of them said they were younger and faster.

Evelyn was disrespected by a young guy in a previous scene, so we know this is happening inside her.

She backs the car up and then repeatedly hits it while laughing.Evelyn says the famous line “I’m older and I have more insurance” when young women see what she is doing.

She is going to ban fashion models who weigh under 130 lbs if she visits Ninny again.She says, “Towanda, righter of wrongs, queen beyond compare.”

Evelyn is smashing in her house to the surprise of her husband.He wants to know why dinner is not on the table.If my husband was expecting that, I would be smashing a wall as well.Sheesh.

She says if you won’t listen to reason, there’s always Towanda.

It’s an empowering word that invokes a woman that inspired Idgie and Evelyn.What is your name?

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