The athletes eat White Rice instead of Brown Rice because they like it more.

The world’s most popular grain is the best to eat after a workout.No matter what you eat the rest of the day, load up on rice at this crucial time.

There is nothing like an intense 60- or 75-minute muscle-building workout to get you pumped up.You had a shake and now you’re hungry.There are a number of choices on the restaurant menu.

There’s orange juice, a Caesar salad, whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, broccoli florets, and white rice.Which is the best choice?White rice is the simplest thing in life.Here’s why.

Increased levels of the catabolic hormone cortisol are caused by hard training.It’s the best time for a fast meal after a workout.It’s an idea worth extending to your first post-workout meal if you choose to do so.

This is not to insult vegetables.If you want to limit gains in body fat, focus on slow-digesting carbs and veggies throughout the day.A lot of competitors take this to the next level, timing up to 80 percent of their intake before and after their workouts.

When looking to replace muscle glycogen quickly after a workout, not all choices are created equal.That’s the best time to eat white rice.