The basic fitting guide for the U.S. Army JROTC is a PDF.

The coat is dark blue (AB 450 orAB 150).There are two trousers, see para 13–16.Light blue and dark blue are general officers only.The shirt is white.The necktie is seen in para 20.The undergarments are seen in para 20–28.There is a belt in paras 20–2b and c.Headgear can be seen in paras 4–10b and 13–18.There are eight footwear.There are nine socks (see para 20–24).There are ten undershirts (see para 20–28f).

The Army blue coat and trousers, AG shade 521 short- or long-sleeved shirt, and a black four-in-hand necktie are included in the Class A uniform.There are accessories and other items authorized for wear on the Army uniform.

The Army blue trousers and AG shade 521 short- or long-sleeved shirt are included in the Class B uniform.Soldiers will wear a four-in-hand necktie with a long-sleeved AG shade 521 shirt when they don't have a coat.The Army Class B uniform has accessories and other items authorized for wear.

The Army blue dress uniform includes a blue coat and trousers, a long-sleeved white shirt, and a black bow tie.headgear is not required when this uniform is worn for evening social occasions.The Army blue uniform is a formal uniform and can be worn with a black bow tie.There are figs 13–14 and 13–19.

A.The belt has a brass tip.A.Only when bloused trousers are authorized, and not with the Army dress uniform, can you wear boots, combat, black leather.Buckle, solid brass.There are buttons in para 20–4.The cape is worn with dress uniform variation.See para 20–6 for the Chaplain's apparel.Black all-weather coat.There are cuff links and studs with dress uniform variation.There are gloves.When worn with the Class A dress uniform, black all-weather coat, or windbreaker, there is only one black dress.The white dress is only worn with the dress uniform variation.The drill sergeant is not authorized with the dress uniform.See para 20–14 for Judge's apparel.The accessories are not authorized by the dress uniform.The para says m. neckties.The enlisted Army dress uniform only has a bow, black, dress or mess.Four-in-hand, black, service.There is a scarf, dress, and black all-weather coat.o.The service cap is optional.The shirt is white.Q.The shoes are black.There are socks (see para 20–24).The tan, green, or black are only worn with boots.There is a black dress.There is a sweater, cardigan, black.There is a sweater and a pullover.The undershirt is white.The umbrella is black.Class B uniforms only have a black windbreaker.

55/ 45% polyester/wool serge, 10 ounce or Army Blue 450.The 9 ounce Army Blue 450 is made of 55/ 45% polyester/wool tropical.There are three types of gabardine: 55/ 45% polyester/wool, 10 ounce, or Army Blue 450.The elastique was made of 55/ 45% polyester and 45%wool.There is a 16 ounce wool elastique.There are six items, all of which are 100% polyester, 7.2 ounce or Army Blue 450.

A.General officers.The coat and trousers will be made of the same material and shade.

There are other officers and enlisted personnel.The trousers will be made in the same material as the coat, but they will have a light blue color.

The headgear and service cap are optional.The service cap will be made in the same material and shade as the coat, except that officers are authorized to wear the cap in fur felt, 9-ounce weight, dark blue, Army 250 shade.

There is a braid.A certified braid supplier will make the gold braid on the trousers.

Men's shirts, long and short.The issue shirts are made from a blend of cotton and polyester and have a press and soil release finish.The optional shirts are made from a blend of 85% cotton and 15% polyester and have a press and soil release finish.

The Aiguillette service is not authorized on the Class B uniform.Para 21–32b shows Airborne background trimming.The branch of service scarves are not authorized on the dress uniform.The Branch insignia is not authorized on the Class B uniform.The brassards are not authorized on the dress uniform.There are decorations and service medal ribbons.There are distinct items for infantry personnel.There is a distinctive unit insignia.There are foreign badges.The fourragere/lanyards are not authorized on the Class B uniform.The gold star button has apara 22–6c.The next of kin button is para 22–6d.Paras 21–5 through 21–8 describe the grade.The inscrutable affiliation is optional (see para 21–24).Officer candidate school (OCS)/warrant officer candidate (WOC) insignia can be found in paras 21–14 and 21–15.See para 21–25c for the nameplate.There is an organizational flash.The overseas service bars are not authorized on the Class B uniform.Service stripes are only for enlisted personnel, not authorized on the Class B uniform.The unit awards are in para 22–10.The U.S. badges include ID, marksmanship, combat, and special skill.The U.S. insignia is not authorized on the Class B uniform.

There is a note.The blue service or dress uniform cannot have the leader's identification insignia on it.

The items listed in paragraph 13–14a are the same as before.

The black pullover sweater is authorized for wear with the DUI.The RDI is worn if no drunken driving is authorized.Recruiters don't have to wear the DUI or RDI.

A.Soldiers may wear the Class A or any of the variations of Class B uniform, with the accessories authorized for these uniforms, when a specific service uniform is not prescribed for formations or other occasions.

A.The awards and decorations that soldiers can't wear because of size or configuration will not be worn.If optional items are provided to the Soldier without cost, Commanders will not require the wear of them.

The service/dress uniform may be purchased and worn in any of the authorized fabrics.Individuals who purchase uniforms or uniform items from commercial sources are responsible for ensuring that the items conform to military specifications or are manufactured in accordance with the procedures prescribed by the Uniform Quality Control Program.Only those alterations authorized by the two companies are allowed.

Only Soldiers authorized to wear the tan, green, or maroon beret are allowed to do so.

Class A or dress uniform for hot weather wear is equivalent to the service dress tropical uniform.It is appropriate for parades, ceremonies, reviews, and official visits of the U.S. foreign dignitaries.It is not appropriate for wear outside of hot climates in the uniform.The conditions for wear of this uniform will be determined by local commanders.

The male service dress tropical uniform consists of the white, short-sleeved, service uniform shirt (standard issue or lay-flat collar), with suspenders as worn on the jacket, without necktie, and low waistASU trousers with belt loops.Soldiers have the option of wearing only three authorized ribbons.Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart must be worn in order of precedence.

Badges and insignia are authorized to be worn on this variation of the uniform.Soldiers have the option of wearing three authorized ribbons on their service uniform shirt.Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart must be worn in order of precedence.

A.This is a general description.The Army blue coat is a single-breasted, peak-lapel, four-button coat with a slight draped effect in front and back.The coat is fitted slightly at the waist, conforming to the body shape without tightness and with no prominent flare.

There is a 20-ligne button on the left or right outside shoulder seam of the Army blue coat for officers authorized to wear an aiguillette.

The button on the left shoulder seam is 1/2 inch outside the collar edge.

A shoulder loop of the same material is attached to each shoulder.There is a loop that is 2 1/2 inches wide at the outside shoulder edge, 1 1/2 Inches wide in the inside collar edge and piped all around with a gold-colored nylon or rayon cord edge braid.The braid is visible around each loop because it is inserted in the joining seams.The loop extends from the inside collar seam to the outside shoulder seam.The loop has a buttonhole from the inside edge of the braid that is buttoned to the shoulder.

There is coat sleeve ornamentation.The blue dress coat has braid on both sleeves.There are gold bullion, synthetic metallic gold, or gold-colored nylon or rayon braid authorized for officers.The braid is authorized for enlisted personnel.The braid on the legs is the same material as the coat sleeve.The top of each sleeve is 3 inches above the bottom of the braid.

General officers have a gold braid on their sleeves.For all other officers, each sleeve has a 1/3 inch braid consisting of two gold braids placed 1/2 inch apart on silk material, of the first-named color of their basic branch.The soutache braid on the sleeves is gold-colored nylon or rayon.

How long has it been.The coat can fit over the chest and shoulders.The shirt sleeve should be covered by 1 inch below the wristbone.

The waist is low.The trousers have side and hip pockets.There is a buttonhole tab in the left hip pocket.All personnel will wear light blue trousers.

There are two ornamentations to the leg.The braid is worn from the bottom of the leg to the top of it.

General officers have two braids that are 1/2 inch apart.All other officers have one braid.Enlisted personnel have one, 1 1/2 inch braid.The blue trousers are straight-legged without cuffs and have side and hip pockets.There is a buttonhole tab in the left hip pocket.The 1 1/2 inch braid may be worn by soldiers who own the blue uniform trousers.

How long have you been wearing it?The top of the shoe in the back should cause the trousers' back hem to fall.The instep should be reached by the bottom of the trousers.The seat needs to be easy to fit with no issues below the waist.There should be 1/2 inch of ease in the waist.The hipbone should be within 1/2 inch of the bottom waistband.

A.This is a general description.The shirt has a standup collar, collar stand and yoke.There are two chest pockets in the shirt.There are shoulder loops and cuffs on the shirt.There will be four permanent creases on the back and one on each front of the shirt.There will be a constant appearance on the front through the shirt, front of each pocket and pocket flap.There is a shirt in both long and short sleeves.The long sleeve shirt is designed to be worn with a tie.

How long have you been wearing it?The collar should fit comfortably.It should be easy to fit over the back and chest.The lower part of the wristbone is where long-sleeved shirts should fall.The rise should fit without constriction.

A.Design.The cap will be made from a standard Army design.There is an option for officers to wear the cap frame with a cover that is the same material as the rest of the uniform.

There is a visor and a Visor.The visor has a leather finish.The visor ornamentation is similar.

General and field grade officers.The top of the visor is black cloth with two arcs of oak leaves in groups of two, embroidered in gold bullion, synthetic metallic gold-colored yarn, or manufactured from anodized aluminum in 24-karat gold color.

Company grade officers and enlisted personnel.There is a waterproof edge on the top of the visor.

The chin strap has ornamentation.The chin strap consists of two straps, each 1/2 inch in width by 10 inches in length, with one end forming a slide, and the other end fastened to the cap at each end of the visor.The chin strap has ornamentation.

There are officers.The chin strap is natural or light brown, full-grain pigskin or sheepskin, nonbleeding, with pointed ends covered with two-vellum gold wire lace, synthetic metallic gold-colored lace or a one- piece strap manufactured from anodized aluminum in 24-karat gold color.

There are two Enlisted personnel.The chin strap is made of black leather and has rounded ends.A leather finish is authorized.

There is a hatband.All personnel will wear an outside hatband around the entire outside of the cap.The ornamentation is followed by the hatband.

General officers.The band is blue-black velvet with two arcs of oak leaves in groups of two, 1 inch long and 1/3 inch wide, embroidered in gold, synthetic metallic gold-colored braid, or gold colored nylon or rayon.

All the other officers.A band of 1/2 inch, two-vellum gold, synthetic metallic gold or gold-colored nylon or rayon braid is placed at the top and bottom of the hatband.A second color piping is placed on the inside edges of the gold braid if the branch has two colors.

There are Enlisted personnel.The band is basket-weave mohair braid with a 1/2 inch band of nylon, rayon, or polyester braid placed at the top of the hatband.

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