The bees know, do “bee-stings” on a watermelon indicate sweet.

There are many ways to choose a watermelon that is sweet, ripe and firm.

If you lightly tap the melon, it will sound like your palm is bouncing off the fruit.The rind of a ripe watermelon has ridges.A perfectly smooth watermelon is immature.

The presence of bee-stings can cause brown ridges on the rind.During pollination, bees smell the fruit and bite the melon to harvest it.Is bee-stung watermelon always sweet?What do you think?

Watermelons with a creamy yellow bottom are always sweeter.The yellow spot means that the melon has had time to mature in the field and not on a truck.

The theory that bees die after being stung is not true, and bees do not drink through their stingers either.Everyone refers to the old wives tale when looking for sweetness in H2O-melons.I think the melon may burst when it is really sweet and ripe, but I don’t know if it’s a bee sting or something else.